Andrea Rudolph

“I created Rudolph Care because I wanted it all. Luxurious products and certainty that I am not filling my body and nature with harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

The story about Rudolph Care starts with our Founder, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. This is her story.

In 2006, I was happily pregnant with my first child when I agreed to take part in a major campaign about chemicals facilitated by Greenpeace. I let my body and my blood be tested for harmful substances – and the results were very worrying and became a watershed for me. As the second youngest of eight test subjects, I was the one who had the most chemicals in my blood. Many of the substances were proven to be harmful and were endocrine disruptors or suspected to be.

I was shocked and angry. It turned out that many of the chemicals in my blood originated from my beauty products. From all the luxurious, expensive creams, oils and soaps that I had pampered myself with for years.

No like-for-like alternatives

So there I was. With poison in my blood, my first child in my belly and anger in every fiber of my body – how could it have come to this? I immediately removed the content of my bathroom shelf and went in search of safer alternatives that would be able to give me the day-to-day luxury, the effectiveness, the fine fragrances and the beautiful packaging that I did not want to do without and that meant something to my quality of life.

I did not believe that these were unreasonable requirements. But no matter where I looked, I found no products that could give me what I wanted most of all: luxurious beauty products of high quality with visible effect – that did not contain ingredients that could harm my health, my unborn baby or our planet.

Rudolph Care is created

The hunt for the nourishing, chemical-free and sustainable luxury I wanted came to a dead end. It became clear to me that I could either choose classic, luxurious products full of the ingredients that I wanted to avoid – or I would have to ‘settle’ for sustainable compromises.

The beauty industry was also very hard to work out. Which ingredients were harmful? Did the packaging leave toxic traces in the cream? What was the packaging made of anyway? Most importantly, how much had health versus the environment been considered in the creation of each product? Instead of fighting my way through a jungle of obscure products and messages, I made a decision. I would do it myself – and I would do it properly.

My aim was to create sustainable luxury products that were fully transparent from the inside out. With sustainability and the feeling of luxury at their heart. From cultivation of ingredients to working conditions on the ground. From environmental impact in the production process to natural biodegradability of product and packaging both in the body and in nature. With the right independent certifications as indisputable documentation that the product complied with best practice all the way.

As the first skincare brand in the world, we have succeeded in combining an organic and an environmental certification. The combination of the organic COSMOS certification and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel covers the life cycle from cultivation of ingredients to biodegradability of the finished product and its packaging that I was aiming for and could not find in the marketplace.

My dream with Rudolph Care is to challenge established beauty industry standards. We are well on our way. With Rudolph Care, we have brought together two worlds that should never be separated – luxury and sustainability. I am proud of making effective, organic and sustainable beauty products in the luxury category – without compromising or feeling that I have had to settle for less. I hope that you are just as happy with the products as I am.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph