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What is natural perfume and how do I use Signature Notes? We've answered the frequently asked question about our fragrance range here. If you don't find your answer, please do reach out to us at


Q: What does Signature Notes smell like?

A: Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care. Light, volatile molecules open the fragrance with crisp, green top notes. These top notes are followed by soothing, soft and slightly powdery middle notes of iris and cotton flower at the heart of the fragrance, which is rounded off with deep, warm base notes including vanilla. A perfect balance between sparkling fresh green and warm sensuousness in one fragrance. Signature Notes will develop in concert with your skin and your own natural scent, and you will experience different dimensions to your natural scent over the course of your day.

Q: What does it mean that Signature Notes is certified organic and natural?

A: The vast majority of fragrances are made from synthetic ingredients. That can mean that a synthetic fragrance with a rose scent has never been in the vicinity of an actual rose. The only clear advantage here is that, in the production of synthetic fragrances, the maker has 100 percent control over all substances and therefore knows every ingredient in the finished product. The production process and chemistry behind such a fragrance are very often incompatible with the methods approved for making organic products.

At Rudolph Care we’ve taken up the challenge, choosing to create a natural, certified eau de parfum spray and perfume oil where the fragrance is created using natural and organic ingredients.

The natural fragrance is crafted with great care and in a way that does not burden the environment. For this reason, natural fragrance is also far more costly to produce than traditional fragrances. All natural fragrances carry an allergy certification. We’ve created a natural fragrance that contains none of the 26 listed fragrance allergens that the European Union recommends to avoid.

Q: What's the difference between Signature Notes Huile de Parfum and Signature Notes Eau de Parfum?

A: Signature Notes Eau de Parfum is a light and elegant eau de parfum spray created from natural fragrance, organic grapeseed extract and alcohol. It contains 20 percent perfume derived from natural ingredients for a delicate yet concentrated scent. Signature Notes Eau de Parfum can be sprayed directly onto the skin, but it is also suitable for spraying in the hair and on clothing.

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum is a luxurious and exclusive perfume oil with a carefully curated selection of delicate oils and Rudolph Care’s natural, distinctive signature fragrance. Signature Notes Huile de Parfum is crafted from the best organic oils of almond, acai and sea buckthorn, all of which are fragrance-free and thus do not interfere with the scent of the natural fragrance. It also features a dash of Vitamin E.

Tip: Signature Notes Huile de Parfum is an excellent alternative for those who tend to be sensitive to the alcohol found in traditional fragrance sprays.

Q: How do I use Signature Notes Eau de Parfum?

A: Signature Notes Eau de Parfum can be used all over your body or in your hair. Lightly spritz it on your body and allow the sparkling, soft and warm fragrance notes to embrace you and melt together with your own natural scent.

Tip: If you’ve previously experienced sensitivity to fragrance, we recommend just a single spritz or two in your hair. This will ensure that you avoid direct contact with the skin, but you will still be enveloped by the balancing fragrance of Signature Notes Eau de Parfum, which will accompany you without causing irritation.

Q: How do I use Signature Notes Huile de Parfum?

A: Dab Signature Notes Huile de Parfum on your inner wrists and inside the elbows, behind your knees and behind each earlobe. Apply it to your pulse points – the natural warmth there will deepen the fragrance notes.

Tip: Take care when you pamper yourself with this exclusive fragrance oil, as oil can transfer to clothing and other textiles. After applying Signature Notes Huile de Parfum, give yourself a moment to allow it to melt into your skin. Experience how the fragrance notes embrace you and become part of your own natural scent.

Q: Can I use both variants of Signature Notes all at once?

A: Signature Notes Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum are just as captivating on their own as they are together, if you’re dreaming of a deeper, more intense fragrance experience. Layer your fragrance and apply Signature Notes Huile de Parfum to your inner wrists and inside the elbows, behind your knees and behind each earlobe. Dab it on your pulse points. Finish with a light spritz of Signature Notes Eau de Parfum.

Tip: Start your day with a layer of Acai Body Lotion before you apply Signature Notes Eau de Parfum. The oils in the product will last longer on moisturized skin than on dry skin. Pop your little Signature Notes Huile de Parfum Purse Edition in your bag – then you can easily refresh your fragrance when you’re on the go.

Q: How long does Signature Notes last?

A:Signature Notes is a certified organic fragrance, and because it is 100 percent natural and free of the 26 listed fragrance allergens, the scent is both milder and more discreet than that of synthetic fragrances. It doesn’t steal the show, but it is memorable from the start. And that’s how we like our fragrance to be. Signature Notes leaves your body with a balanced fragrance – and whether you begin your day with Signature Notes Eau de Parfum or Huile de Parfum, both are perfect to combine with the elegant little Signature Notes Huile de Parfum Purse Edition that will fit in any bag so you can easily refresh and extend the understated fragrance throughout your day.

Q: What do the certifications on Signature Notes mean and what about the 26 fragrance allergens?

A: Rudolph Care wants to make a positive difference – both for your skin and for the world in which we live. That is why we create exclusive beauty products that take a sustainable approach to people and the environment. We ensure this by being certified with both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the organic certification COSMOS. This dual certification is your guarantee that the contents and packaging of each individual product are carefully selected on the basis of cultivation, processing, manufacturing, working conditions and packaging that meet stringent requirements in terms of environment and health. This allows you to enjoy your luxurious Rudolph Care skincare products with a good conscience.

Naturally, we have the same requirements for Signature Notes, which in addition to being Rudolph Care’s first fragrance is also the very first in the world to boast two certifications. Signature Notes is also created entirely without any of the 26 listed fragrance allergens that the European Union recommends to avoid. It was a long journey for Rudolph Care and our French perfumer Stephane, who ardently and stubbornly fought to create a natural, organic fragrance that meets the strict requirements of the two certifications while meeting Rudolph Care’s demands for exclusivity and natural, pure luxury.

Q: Can I use the Signature Notes perfumes while I'm pregnant?

A: Whether you choose natural or synthetic fragrances, the decision to use fragrance during pregnancy is always an individual one. Signature Notes was created on values with the utmost consideration of both body and environment. That’s why the fragrance is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS. When you apply Signature Notes, use it sparingly – less is more. For instance, you can spritz a little Eau de Parfum in your hair or on your favorite knitwear.