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Q: What are the ingredients in Rudolph Care?

A: Every Rudolph Care product is packed with nutritious and active ingredients, which are all of the highest quality. The rose product series is built on five organic oils; açai, olive, jojoba, coconut and almond. The organic oils soften, moisturize and provide flexibility, while the skin's elasticity is increased and strengthened. The oils help to rebuild, nourish and protect the skin. We only use natural ingredients that we can vouch for - along with the good chemistry that does not accumulate in the body.

Q: What can't be found in Rudolph Care?

A: Rudolph Care products embody pure, simple sustainable luxury. In addition to live up to the requriments of our certifications, Rudolph Care is also 100% free from the 26 allergenic perfumes that should be avoided according to the Danish Ministry of the Environment and the EU. This means that there is a variety of things, that will not be found in our skincare.

Rudolph Care contains no known or suspected endocrine disruptors. No parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, essential oils, petrochemical oil and petrolatum.

Q: What are good chemicals?

A: Natural usually means 'good', but chemicals aren't always 'bad'. When something is chemically produced, it is made within a controlled environment with 100% knowledge of the content and impact of the finished product. This isn't always the case with nature and some organic ingredients can easily cause allergic reactions. Rudolph Care uses 'good' chemistry alongside natural ingredients that we can vouch for. This is how we provide the best all round product in terms of your beauty, your health and the environment.

Q: What are allergens?

A: Allergenic perfumes are substances that have the potential to trigger an allergic reaction. The Danish Environment Ministry and the EU have created a list of the 26 most common allergenic perfumes. These allergenic perfumes should be declared on a product's list of contents (INCI), so that consumers can make an informed choice before purchase.

Q: What are parabens?

A: Parabens are a group of chemicals used in cosmetic manufacturing as a preservative against bacterial and fungal growth. There is much uncertainty about the effects of parabens; some believe that only some parabens are harmful whereas others think that all should be avoided. The EU's Scientific Committee of Consumer Products suggests that two parabens, methyl-and ethylparaben, do not pose any risk when used in certain quantities. We have chosen to take a precautionary approach and stay on the safe side. That is why Rudolph Care is 100% paraben-free.

Q: Why does my acai product look different this time?

A: Do you wonder why the color of your Rudolph Care products can vary from time to time? The natural explanation is that we neither dye nor bleach our products. At the same time, we use natural oils, which vary in color from harvest to harvest. Rudolph Care products do not contain any synthetic dyes at all and are only available in the colors provided by nature. Since few raw materials are naturally pure white, Rudolph Care creams are not entirely white either.

Q: Why are there preservatives in Rudolph Care?

A: It is only the Rudolph Care products containing water that are preserved. Preservatives are synthetically produced and added to increase the product durability. They are useful because every time you open a package to use a product, there's a risk that you will introduce bacteria and contaminate the product. Rudolph Care products use a very small amount of preservatives to minimize the risk of product contamination that could cause skin irritation or infection. Water increases the risk that the products are contaminated and that bacteria are added. We thus choose to use preservatives in some of our products, because we believe that you as a consumer are far better off with a small amount of preservative than the risk of being left with a contaminated product.

For products that carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and COSMOS certifications, there are stringent rules regarding the preservatives that can be used.

The Rudolph Care products without water are not preserved, but vitamin E has been added to reduce the risk of rancidity and bacterial growth, thus ensuring the sustainability of the product.

Q: What is natural perfume?

A: The vast majority of perfumes are produced synthetically. A perfume that smells of roses has usually never been near a rose. However, on the positive side, the use of synthetic perfumes means 100% control over the substance and the ingredients of the finished product, even if the manufacturing methods do not fulfil organic certification requirements.

At Rudolph Care, we have chosen to use natural perfumes that are produced from natural oils without synthetic ingredients. If a perfume smells of vanilla, it is because there are extracts of real vanilla in the product. These natural perfumes are made with great care and under conditions that are non-polluting to the environment. These painstaking processes mean that natural perfumes are often much more expensive to produce than traditional perfumes. An allergenic certificate is included with all natural perfumes. We have chosen a natural perfume, which is completely devoid of the 26 allergenic perfumes the Danish Ministry of the Environment and the EU recommend avoiding.

Q: Why doesn't Rudolph Care use essential oils?

A: Natural essential oils have been used throughout the millennia, for many different purposes. They are natural and highly concentrated, but the vast majority of essential oils contain one or more of the 26 allergenic perfumes the Danish Environment Ministry recommend avoiding. And this is the reason why Rudolph Care products do not include essential oils.

Q: What is Potassium Aluminium?

A: Potassium aluminum is a natural mineral found in nature. It is an aluminum salt whose active crystals inhibit odor. This means that our Keep On Rolling Deo contains aluminum, but not aluminum chlorohydrate which is very controversial and suspected of being carcinogenic.

The aluminum content in our Keep On Rolling Deo is 0.42%. This means that it complies with the assessment from the EU's Scientific Council on Consumer Safety (SCCS) of 2020 that allows a limit of 6,25% aluminum in deodorants.

Q: How do I interpret the ingredient list in a product?

A: The product ingredients are listed so that the ingredients at the top of the list are those that are in the highest quantity in the product. The next ingredient listed is the one with the second largest quantity etc.

Q: Why isn't Rudolph Care certified with an allergy certification?

A: At Rudolph Care we've made a conscious choice as we use natural perfume within the limits of the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, as we believe that the tender fragrance completes the luxury feeling. An allergen certificate follows all natural perfumes, assuring that the fragrance is not an allergenic. Naturally, we've prioritized a natural perfume free from the 26 allergenic perfumes that the EU recommends we avoid. Due to the fact that no allergy certification allows perfumes nor certain plant extracts, we do refrain from obtaining any.

There are exceptions though. Our products for kids are extra careful and therefore Lip Balm Kit, Mommy & Me and Kids Sun Lotion carry the certification AllergyCertified. This means that the product contains no known allergens or allergenic preservatives and that each individual ingredient has been assessed by a toxicologist and is 100% fragrance-free. This assures you that you're protecting your kid's skin with a clean conscience. Besides, our Mommy & Me also carries the allergy certification Asthma Allergy Nordic, making it an extra careful product for expectant mothers and mothers postpartum and their baby.

The original eight

These are the very first eight products that Rudolph Care launched in 2009.

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