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“Rudolph Care is a family of beauty products combining exclusive luxury with sustainability, responsibility and transparency. We go out of our way to ensure that effectiveness, consistency and aesthetics are in harmony and that our products are developed with as much consideration for the natural world as for your health. We started off with skincare for face and body. Since then, we have added sun cream, hair care and a line of fragrances. I am extremely proud of all the products in the Rudolph family – and it comes straight from the heart when we write the message: ‘Rudolph Care – since 2009 for generations to come’ on each and every product.”

- Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder and CEO

Rudolph Care: Since 2009 for generations to come

In 2009, the heavily pregnant Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph created Rudolph Care in Denmark. As a well-known radio and television host, she wanted to use her high personal profile to serve the environment. So when Greenpeace started focusing on toxic chemicals in beauty products, Andrea volunteered as a test subject.

The results were a shock. Followed by surprise and frustration. Surprise about the high level of harmful chemicals in her pregnant body. Frustration that she had to choose between luxury and sustainable responsibility when she started to look for clean alternatives to the beauty products she had used to pamper her body for years. They did not exist.

Andrea wanted sustainable luxury. The market could offer no suitable options. The result was Rudolph Care – Certified Organic Sustainable Luxury.

Every Rudolph Care product has been developed in the uncompromising intersection between best possible effect, a feeling for body and mind and a resounding ‘no thanks’ to any form of negative impact on the environment and the human body. All Rudolph Care products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This is your guarantee that the product and its packaging do not harm your health or damage the natural world. Most of the products – including the entire face & body range – carry the COSMOS certification which sets standards for the natural ingredients themselves as well as their cultivation and origins. A further three certifications adorn our products. Find out more about them here. All Rudolph Care products have been developed and manufactured in Denmark. Rudolph Care is headquartered at House of Rudolph Care in Valby in Copenhagen.

Certified Organic
Sustainable Luxury

Rudolph Care is a team of dedicated employees, headed by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. We develop, manufacture, market and sell certified organic and sustainable luxury care products and accessories. We sell all our products from our web universe at and from carefully selected independent retailers and chains in Denmark, Norway, France and Spain. We are forging ahead into the international market where we dream of establishing our brand as a pioneer in luxury skincare products and as a source of sustainable inspiration on the international beauty stage.

Apart from offering effective and luxurious beauty products, we also believe that a responsible business should contribute to creating a better world. Nothing less. We want to inspire everyone to see new possibilities in sustainable and responsible skincare. We believe that what we say and what we do as a business is a step in the right direction. For the sake of the self-care and energy of the individual to help others and for the sake of the environment and the ecosystems we have to live in harmony with on this planet. We want to inspire everyone to ensure that, irrespective of what they are passionate about, they must set high sustainable standards. And live by them. We promise that we will do the same.

The brand is currently supported by a strongly innovative sales and marketing team with specialist expertise in development, beauty products, green transition and climate activism, events, PR and digital universes. Rudolph Care is managed on a day-to-day basis by its original employees – led by founder, CEO and spokeswoman Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph.

The story of Rudolph Care has only just started. When it comes to sustainable luxury, we are full of ideas, hopes and dreams for the future. For our organization, for you the consumer and for our shared environment on this planet.

We are delighted to welcome you on board and join us on this journey.

The Rudolph Care manifesto

We are Rudolph Care.

Certified Organic Sustainable Luxury.

We want to inspire you to aim high

Never to settle for less than certified and effective beauty products that protect your skin and the planet. Created from the finest natural ingredients with the most stringent certification as your guarantee of quality.

We want to inspire you to take action

Take part in our community, make it yours and inspire us, participate in our projects – and insist on transparency and best practice from all the brands you support.

We want to inspire you to take responsibility

Make this your standard reaction when you are in doubt about what to do. Look after yourself and treat the rest of the world with the same care and respect.

In return, we promise always to…

Do everything we can, always to go for the ultimate positive effect for people and planet in everything we do.

Rudolph Care

Since 2009 for generations to come.

Since 2009 for generations to come

Rudolph Care