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Rudolph Care is a family of beauty products combining exclusivity with sustainability, responsibility and transparency. We go out of our way to ensure that effectiveness, consistency and aesthetics are in harmony and that our products are developed with as much consideration for the natural world as for your health. I am extremely proud of all the products in the Rudolph family – and it comes straight from the heart when we write the message: ‘Rudolph Care – since 2009 for generations to come’ on each and every product.

- Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care: Since 2009 - for generations to come

We were born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009, by our founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, a journalist, TV-host and broadcaster, turned beauty-activist and businesswoman. Pregnant with her first child, a test performed by Greenpeace revealed that her body was filled with chemicals. Originating from – among other sources – beauty products, that would potentially harm her and her baby:

The test became a revelation, but it also became the beginning of a very personal beauty concept designed to give myself what I failed to find anywhere else: High quality, non-toxic, exclusive skincare in delicate wrapping, which makes green skincare an attractive consumer’s choice. With Rudolph Care, we have brought together two worlds that should never be separated – luxury and sustainability. I am proud of making effective, advanced, certified organic and sustainable beauty products in the luxury category – without compromising.” – Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

All Rudolph Care products are made, developed, and produced locally in Denmark, created from selected ingredients from all over the world.

Beauty with a
responsible approach

Rudolph Care wants to make a positive difference – to your skin and to our shared world. All Rudolph Care products have been developed in an uncompromising combination of optimum effect, a sense of body and soul, and care for people and nature.

  • We were the first ever to bring together Ecocert COSMOS Organic and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Two certifications that combine the use of natural, organic ingredients with good, clean chemistry. A combination that protects your health and our environment throughout the life cycle of the beauty product. From growing, processing, and production to biodegradability and recycling of packaging.

  • All Rudolph Care products are naturally free of substances that have been proven to be, or are suspected of being, endocrine disruptors according to the EU’s priority lists of endocrine disruptors. Nor do our products contain any of the 26 allergenic fragrances that the EU recommends avoiding.

  • In 2021, Rudolph Care became certified as a B-Corp company. This means that we became certified to run a business that is committed to making a positive difference in the world and to the green transition. You will also find the Vegan Trademark on most of our products. Find out more about all our certifications here.

  • At Rudolph Care, we are very conscious of the fact that, as a manufacturing company, we have a responsibility both to the environment and to people. We work actively with four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – which act as beacons in our day-to-day work. We, therefore, donate 4% of our annual profits to projects that support our Sustainable Development Goals. In 2023 we will be supporting LGBT+ Denmark, Save the Children, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, and our business partners in Brazil.

  • The açai berry from the Amazon rainforest is one of Rudolph Care’s key ingredients. In partnership with our talented colleagues in local communities in Brazil, we reduce the destruction of the rainforest and let the berries grow in their natural habitat. Contributing to safeguarding local communities, their knowledge, and the rainforest in Brazil is something very close to our hearts. Since 2019, we have worked on specific aid projects, including the renovation of a local school, biodiversity, and establishing plant and sprout gardens as well as re-establishing parts of the rainforest.

  • At Rudolph Care, we use clean materials for our packaging and encourage our customers to sort their waste. Our packaging consists of plastics, cardboard, and glass. Until we have found or developed an alternative to packaging based on fossil fuel plastics, we will continue to increase the percentage of recycled plastics contained in our packaging. For our cardboard and paper requirements, we currently only use recycled materials.

Take a look at our most recent Sustainability Report to read more about the things we are proud of and everything we are working to improve even further.

Advanced skin and hair care

The philosophy behind Rudolph Care is to enrich your daily routine with luxury, sensuousness, and care without compromising on high quality, advanced chemistry, or sustainability. Our skin and hair care products are effective and pamper and care for you responsibly without leaving a harmful footprint on your surroundings or your body. Strengthening açai, replenishing shea butter, cleansing witch hazel, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and calming chamomile are just some of the natural, active ingredients found in our range.

All our face, body, and hair care products consist of a minimum of 95% natural ingredients, and we take great pride in providing innovative skincare routines that do not compromise on quality and a responsible approach. You will never find a Rudolph Care product that contains any of the 26 allergenic perfumes or any parabens or harsh preservatives.

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