Made in Denmark

"We are proud of developing, manufacturing, packaging and distributing all our products from our headquarters in Denmark."
Andrea Rudolph
Founder of Rudolph Care

Production with no compromise

Andrea Rudolph develops new Rudolph Care products based on her own needs and those of her family. But also very much based on customer needs and requests. This is where product development starts, where the idea is formed and refined, before being presented to the chemists who are there to ensure that the efficiency, consistency, fragrance and finish that characterize all Rudolph Care products come together.

Ingredients, raw materials and suppliers are selected and monitored with great care in the global market. This is to ensure that production, working conditions and climate footprint comply with Rudolph Care’s values in all parts of the supply chain.

Last, but not least, we are happy to test all our products, in all phases of development, on ourselves.

That is why we are proud to say that Rudolph Care is made with love, passion, great patience and a good deal of nerdiness – in Denmark.