All body products from Rudolph Care are created to embrace your entire body with sustainable luxury and sensory, revitalizing nourishment. Every single product cares sustainably for your health and that of nature. Uncompromisingly, always.

Body Scrub

Açai Body Scrub is fine granules and nourishing extracts, sincerely composed to embrace your skin, make it soft and glowy and nonetheless give you the everyday luxury you're guaranteed from Rudolph Care.

Açai Body Scrub

What Any Body Needs

The softest trick in the book

It's so simple; the shortcut to soft skin all year round is a thorough scrub. Preferably once a week. If you have the time. Açai Body Scrub kick starts your blood circulation and removes the dead skin cells that naturally appear on the top layer of your skin. The exfoliation also boosts your skin's ability to renew itself, which will result in softer, smoother skin over time.

Tip from Andrea Rudolph:

"After toweling off some of the dampness from my skin, I apply Açai Body Scrub and massage using circular motions. Keep massaging for 20 seconds more than usual to really stimulate your blood circulation. Remember to exfoliate your feet, heels and toes to achieve soft, smooth feet".