All body products from Rudolph Care are created to embrace your entire body with sustainable luxury and sensory, revitalizing nourishment. Every single product cares sustainably for your health and that of nature. Uncompromisingly, always.

Body Soap

Shower Power Body Soap and Hand & Body Soap is natural, simple and certified everyday luxury.

Shower Power Body Soap

Hand & Body Soap

Much more than just body soap

Shower Power and Hand & Body Soap put your senses to work in just the right way.

When you dose the body soap between the palms of your hands and lather it up, a delicate scent will take over your bathroom. Some will say it's the natural Rudolph Care signature fragrance, others will say it's the smell of me-time and a short break from everything.

The soft, airily light foam is for your entire body, where it will cleanse your skin, nourish it and protect it from drying out.

Hand & Body Soap is your new best travel & festival friend. Ideal for when soap is out of reach and for when the suit case doesn't allow much room.

About body products

Body products from Rudolph Care have been created to wrap your body in sustainable luxury, sensuousness and revitalizing nourishment. From everyday products such as body lotion, deodorant and hand cream to niche products such as body scrub and self-tanner. Many of our body products are rich in organic, cold-pressed oils from açai, olive, jojoba, sweet almond and coconut – as well as organic chamomile, shea butter and aloe vera to calm, firm and enrich your skin with plenty of moisture.

Every single Rudolph Care product is produced sustainably to care for your health and for nature, and we are proud of the no-compromise nature of every single product. All body care in the rose product series is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Ecocert COSMOS Organic label. By far the majority of our products carry the Vegan Trademark label. You will never find a Rudolph Care product that contains the 26 fragrance allergens, parabens or strong preservatives.