All body products from Rudolph Care are created to embrace your entire body with sustainable luxury and sensory, revitalizing nourishment. Every single product cares sustainably for your health and that of nature. Uncompromisingly, always.

Mommy & Baby

Mommy & Me. A deeply nourishing, protecting and caring universal balm for mommy and baby.

Mommy & Me

A favorite product

Mommy & Me is a special product to me, and the story behind the soft balm goes back years. When I was expecting my son Alfred in 2015, I dreamt about creating a baby range, but quickly found out that I didn’t need an entire range. A nourishing star product both for him and me would be enough. The code was hard to crack because the balm needed to be both effective and safe with as many as four certifications. But I succeeded.”

- Andrea Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care

4 certifications, fragrance-free and nourishing, loving care.

Mommy & Me is rich in natural and nourishing oils from coconut, watermelon seeds and açai berries which add moisture to stressed skin to make it soft and supple. Cold-pressed shea butter is anti-inflammatory on the skin and both soothes and calms red and irritated skin. Beeswax makes the balm easy to apply and works as a moisture barrier in the delicate nappy area.

Mommy & Me is the first Rudolph Care product with no less than four certifications: the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified, COSMOS and Asthma Allergy Nordic. We have selected organic ingredients of the highest quality, and the balm is 100% fragrance-free.

Mommy & Me has many uses: it rescues everything from stressed skin to red baby bottoms and sensitive baby cheeks. The butter-soft balm creates a protective barrier and treats sensitive baby skin. It soothes sore nipples and nourishes abdominal skin when it is working overtime during pregnancy.

About body products

Body products from Rudolph Care have been created to wrap your body in sustainable luxury, sensuousness and revitalizing nourishment. From everyday products such as body lotion, deodorant and hand cream to niche products such as body scrub and self-tanner. Many of our body products are rich in organic, cold-pressed oils from açai, olive, jojoba, sweet almond and coconut – as well as organic chamomile, shea butter and aloe vera to calm, firm and enrich your skin with plenty of moisture.

Every single Rudolph Care product is produced sustainably to care for your health and for nature, and we are proud of the no-compromise nature of every single product. All body care in the rose product series is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Ecocert COSMOS Organic label. By far the majority of our products carry the Vegan Trademark label. You will never find a Rudolph Care product that contains the 26 fragrance allergens, parabens or strong preservatives.