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Sunday Edit: Clara Filippa Andersen, Founder of Peech

"Intimate well-being is having patience and a curiosity in oneself" Rudolph Care and the Danish intimacy and well-being brand Peech reiterates the success – and have once again teamed up for a very special collaboration focusing on self-love and pleasure. The two products; vibrator Pleasure Seeker and pelvic floor trainer Tender Lifters by Rudolph Care & Peech, are created with a mission to enhance intimate well-being and self-care – and wish to reflect the many nuances of intimacy. We spoke to the co-owner and founder of Peech; Clara Filippa Andersen about why intimacy, well-being, and sexual health are such important topics to talk openly and loudly about.


Rudolph Care & Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen to collect waste

Many people are supporting the Waste Collection Campaign (Affaldsindsamlingen) which will be taking place from 28 March to 3 April. This year, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has had a record 220,000 people sign up for the campaign. At Rudolph Care, we are also donning our garden gloves again this year and dedicating a working day to collecting waste – this year in the company of Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen. Read more & join.