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Winter Glow

Q&A: Rudolph Care Oils

Which oil suits my skin – and why are oils so good? What happens in my skin, and how much oil is actually enough? Our Rudolph Care skincare expert, Camilla Schjelderup, answers your questions right here.

Winter Glow

The difference between our oils

What’s the difference between Facial Oil Delight and Acai Facial Oil? And what about Body Oil, Acai Body Balm and Golden Kiss Body Oil - and what do they have in common? Take on a journey through Rudolph Care’s oils – one for one, so you know which ones are right for you. 


Much more than SPF

If you ask us, sun protection must be just as nourishing as the products you use when the sun isn’t shining. This is why you can shift out your daily care with our sun series in the summer months – and still get the care you need, while staying protected in the sun. Read more here.