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5 tips for your pelvic floor

There’s no excuse – today's Kegels are just waiting to be done. Because who wants to pee their pants just looking at a trampoline? And who doesn't want more out of their sex life? At Rudolph Care there are no pointed fingers – instead, we want to help you out with our new pelvic floor trainer; three teardrop-shaped balls, that help you tighten up inside – along with five tips to easily take care of your pelvic floor.


Sunday Edit: Clara Filippa Andersen, Founder of Peech

"Intimate well-being is having patience and a curiosity in oneself" Rudolph Care and the Danish intimacy and well-being brand Peech reiterates the success – and have once again teamed up for a very special collaboration focusing on self-love and pleasure. The two products; vibrator Pleasure Seeker and pelvic floor trainer Tender Lifters by Rudolph Care & Peech, are created with a mission to enhance intimate well-being and self-care – and wish to reflect the many nuances of intimacy. We spoke to the co-owner and founder of Peech; Clara Filippa Andersen about why intimacy, well-being, and sexual health are such important topics to talk openly and loudly about.


Your Time To Glow Peeling Mask routine

“Time To Glow Peeling Mask with 8% AHA is both my indulgence and my quick fix when my skin is in need of extra softness and glow, as well as that smooth texture that both age and life can challenge. The mask is gentle yet effective on fine lines and wrinkles, signs of tiredness, unevenness in tone and texture, blemishes and sun spots. It creates results that I can both see and feel.” – Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph


Interview: Get your glow back

Loss of skin elasticity, breakouts or dry skin with increasingly more apparent lines, can be typical signs that you are entering menopause. These changes to your skin can be both challenging and exhausting if you at the same time don’t feel quite like your former self. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. We spoke to our skincare expert Camilla Schjelderup, who shares her best advice on how to get your glow back and keep your skin in check.

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Rudolph Care's Firming series consists of Firming Therapy Moisturizer, Firming Perfector Serum and Firming Eye Mask; three green products that work together to give your skin a loving lift, plenty of moisture and nourishing, active care. Get to know them all here.