A Rudolph Care gift is the loving, conscious and luxurious kind. Gifts that render our saying "Be Beautiful, Do Good", taking good care of you and the planet alike.

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Hostess gifts

No matter the distance between us, we must remember to care for one another. 2020 didn't allow us physical nearness - and this Christmas certainly won't be the center of big parties, though at Rudolph Care we believe that this doesn't have to be the end of the loving tradition of a caring hostess gift.

Weather you wish to appreciate a dear friend for accompanying you in a warm friendship, or if you want to send a thoughtful gift to the hostess who was supposed to lead the annual Christmas party, we do guide you to caring hostess gifts further down this page.

A guide to hostess gifts

A cleansing, caring couple

Hand Cream and Silky Soap is the perfect match for a hostess gift – and loving, nourishing and moisturizing care for hands that are being washed many times a day. Wash with Silky Soap and follow with Hand Cream for protected and fully replenished hands.

Purse-sized oil perfume

Our signature fragrance in an 8 ml perfume dispenser. An ideal gift that isn't to be judged by its size – the delicate drops spread rich notes of everyday luxury with its clean fragrance of Rudolph Care.

The Bottle by Rudolph Care x AYAIDA

Rudolph Care aesthetics mixed with supreme functionality. The Bottle keeps its liquid cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, making it the ideal buddy for winter walks as well as hot trips to the beach. Besides, The Bottle implements a sustainable approach in your everyday life by minimizing the need for single use bottles.

Silky Soap

Hand Cream

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum

The Bottle by Rudolph Care x AYA&IDA | Rose

Gua Sha by Rudolph Care 47€ & 56€

Face Gua Sha and Body Gua Sha by Rudolph Care are the gifts that neither run dry nor expire. A gua sha is a traditional Chinese massage tool used for releasing tension, calming down the body and for stimulating the skin.

We also offer you to combine Body Gua Sha with Body Oil here - and Facial Oil Delight with Face Gua Sha here.

Face Gua Sha by Rudolph Care

Body Gua Sha by Rudolph Care

A shareable balm

A healing balm for mommy & baby – if your hostess is pregnant or just had a baby, Mommy & Me is a wonderful and universal product that’s shareable among all family members.

Mommy & Me fits all needs with two neat sizes.

A box of body love

Explore Body Love; this year’s luxurious body gift set featuring four loving body products. This gift set is a collection of Rudolph Care favorites for plenty of good, exclusive and, not least, sustainable body love.

Find plenty more Rudolph Care gift sets right here.

Mommy & Me