Welcome to beautiful, healthy and glossy hair. An everyday luxury and an everyday routine.

Travelsizes / Hair

You don’t need to downgrade your daily luxury care when traveling. Your Rudolph Care hair care is of course available in fine, practical travelsizes.

Blossom Shampoo

Herbal Mint Shampoo

Forever Soft Conditioner

Easy Breezy Mini Pouch


Welcome to beautiful, healthy and glossy hair. An everyday luxury that can be turned into an everyday routine. For Rudolph Care, a good hair wash means that it is easy to distribute, foam and massage the shampoo in the right way and give your hair an exclusive lusciousness from the outset.

The slight crackling, bubbling sound that hits the senses the second before the shampoo’s beautiful fragrance does is the result of effective chemistry and natural ingredients which together create a unique sensory experience. Once the hair is clean, it is time for conditioner. Conditioner should provide vibrant, light, untangled and glossy hair. It should not weigh the hair down, but lift it up in all its glory. The Rudolph Care hair range consists of two shampoos and a single conditioner which are all rich in natural and organic ingredients. They do not contain suspected endocrine disruptors, the 26 declarable fragrance allergens or any strong preservatives. Instead, you get what you always expect from Rudolph Care: everyday luxury and high quality, as well as products that take responsibility and respect both your body and the planet that we all inhabit.

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