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10 tips & tricks for A Hint of Summer

A Hint of Summer is a universe of golden self-tanning glow, nourishment and care.

Here we share our top tips and tricks for preparing the skin and applying the products so that you get the best results and an even, natural glow.

10 tips & tricks for A Hint of Summer

1. Prepare your skin by exfoliating before using A Hint of Summer – The Classic, The Lotion or The Mousse. Exfoliating both face and body boosts cell renewal and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin with a smooth, even surface that can more easily absorb the effect of the DHA molecule, which gives the skin its glow. The better you clean the skin, the better the result. Exfoliate your face with a gentle facial scrub and the rest of your body with a body scrub.

2. It is important to moisturize your skin well before applying self-tanner. Dry areas take on color more easily, so pay special attention to knees, elbows and ankles before you start. On the face, it is often the skin around the bridge of the nose that requires extra moisture. When you use A Hint of Summer – The Mousse, we recommend that you apply body lotion to your entire body before using. This gives the best result as the mousse does not moisturize the skin in quite the same way as the other self-tanners in the series.

3. If you have recently used a peeling product with fruit acid, such as retinol or AHA, on your face, the self-tan color will not adhere to the skin as well. Therefore, consider whether retinol and AHA can wait until another day when you are not using self-tanner.

4. Start from the bottom and work your way up. This gives you a better overview. Start at the feet, moving up the legs and towards the stomach, chest and arms. Finish with the hands, neck and face. If you use A Hint of Summer – The Mousse or The Lotion, switch to A Hint of Summer – The Classic on feet, hands, neck and face for a lighter, more natural result.

5. Some believe that it is best to apply self-tanner in circular motions, while others prefer to rub it in. Do what you find most natural.

6. If necessary, wash your hands with Exfoliating Soap between applications to each part of the body. This will prevent the color from settling in the skin between your fingers and on the surface of your palms. If the color has settled in a particular area, use a wet, warm washcloth or half a lemon and rub the affected area until any stains have disappeared.

7. If the result is not quite what you wanted or if the color has settled more intensely in certain areas, shower and exfoliate your skin.

8. Exercise care when applying self tanner around light eyebrows.

9. Let the product dry completely before putting on clothes. Self tanners can stain fabrics if not completely absorbed into the skin beforehand. If time is of the essence, use a blow dryer on the skin to dry it faster. You can find good advice on dealing with stains and streaks in our FAQ here.

10. Start well in advance and build up your glow over several days. For example, if you are going to a party on a Saturday, start the treatment on Thursday at the latest – preferably a week before. Use your favorite A Hint of Summer product three days in a row until you have achieved the desired color intensity. Take a break and, if necessary, refresh the glow on the evening before your event.

A Hint of Summer - The Classic

A Hint of Summer - The Mousse

A Hint of Summer - The Lotion