Lips by Rudolph Care

A little big world sensation

Lips by Rudolph Care is the first series of lipgloss to ever unite the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic. This is huge – we succeeded in creating a lipgloss that combines 100% natural nourishment, care and softness, a shiny, glossy look and two certifications that consider the health of you, nature and the environment in a complete life cycle.

On this page you can find out more about the double-certification and our development journey with Lips by Rudolph Care.

A beautiful and enlightening journey

Lips by Rudolph Care walk in the same footsteps as the entire Rudolph Care range. Challenging the standards, standing out, doing things their very own way. They always behave – without synthetic coloring, perfume or preservatives, consisting of no less than 100% natural ingredients. They emphasize you and your lips.

When Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph began developing Lips by Rudolph Care back in 2019, the ambition was to create a product that first and foremost delivered intense nourishment and care. Moreover, it should be a makeup product, but not the traditional kind. The color was not to overwhelm; it was to naturally blend in with the one who carries it. And most importantly, the product should carry both the organic certification Ecocert Cosmos Organic and the environmental label the Nordic Swan Ecolabel; where Ecocert Cosmos Organic cares for the product’s ingredients and their origin – and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel cares for the product’s degradability in both the human body and in nature.

The philosophies behind Ecocert Cosmos Organic and that of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are hard to combine because of their differing benchmarks – though after countless tests on our own lips, Andrea and Team Rudolph Care finally reached the ideal balance of effect, consistency, look and certifications. This way Lips by Rudolph Care is a little big sensation that has joined a family of products with a shared mission to be the very best products – for you and for the world.

Lips by Rudolph Care

What’s On Your Lips?

According to the EU’s Scientific Council for Consumer Safety, you ingest up to 4 lip products a year when applying it daily. This is why it’s a really good idea to pursue products where the ingredients are degradable in your body as well as in nature. Products without suspected harmful chemicals, unwanted preservatives, synthetic colors or perfume. If you aim for products certified with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic, you can be sure that thorough and careful consideration has been given.

*The European Food Safety Authority and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel have taken a new standpoint towards one ingredient in Isolde (03) Limited Edition. Read more about it here.