The Amazon

Açai – a small, strong wonder

Right in the heart of Rudolph Care is the açai berry. A dark purple berry that kind of resembles a blueberry.

You find them growing wildly in the shade of the Amazon palm trees, from where they’re harvested year after year by the 150 local families we collaborate with in the area.

But what does açai do for your skin?

Açai and your skin

Just like your body needs nutrition through a proper diet, your skin needs it through effective skincare.

As a part of our ingredients list, açai contributes with a unique power we would never be without. Therefore, açai is our unrivaled key ingredient. In fact, you can count on a significant level of açai in all face and body products, which means a lot to the outcome on your skin, its glow and its vitality. We use both the luxurious oil and a powerful extract.

Açai is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids omega 6 and 9. All these goodies make your skin more supple and give it an instant, natural and healthy glow. The high concentration of antioxidants you find in the berry is quite unique. Antioxidants have a revitalizing and strengthening effect on the skin that protects it from breaking down.

Read more about antioxidant claims here.

Explore our açai bestsellers on this page and find your favorite. We recommend taking a good look at Açai Facial Oil, if açai has intrigued you. This oil is pure, organic açai oil, dark as the berries and with an authentic scent of rainforest.