Andrea's firming duo

Read on as our founder & CEO Andrea Rudolph shares her thoughts on the season and the green firming power products that frame the beginning of fall within Rudolph Care.

From the vegetable garden to the beauty shelf - and further into the fall.

"When the world is changing, I find my energy in nature. This year’s challenges have probably left their mark on most of us, and it shows as I take a look in the mirror. On the contrary, my vegetable garden is lush and carefree as always – perfectly juicy and dense. And it loves to share its vitamins and power with me.

It’s life-affirming - and it’s inspiring.

The green pantry was therefore the obvious source of inspiration for the development of Firming Perfector Serum and Firming Therapy Moisturizer. Two green, grown-up girlfriends that exudes love, nourishment and care and nevertheless a loving lift. Created from life experience and cranberry, spinach, kale, aloe vera, mango butter, broccoli, avocado, and our signature; the açai berry. Added effective stem cell technology from apples and moisture boosting hyaluronic acids.

I hold the green superpowers tight through the fall and what else life brings to the table. You’re so very welcome to let yourself inspire. To tag along and to go for green, if you want. Let’s use our experience and act according to what we and our experienced skin crave. Let’s show off our fully nourished and moisturized smile lines a bit more than usual – and share the energy from all the green superpowers. Inside and out."

Andrea Rudolph