Date & Decide: Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition

Through October, you can go on a date with Rudolph Care - or rather our award-winning alltime favorite; Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition.

This means that when you buy a Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition, you also receive a sample so you can see, smell and feel the product before opening the actual product.

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What is Date & Decide?

We call it Date & Decide to give you the opportunity to feel, scent and see the product and find out if you have a new favorite product between your hands. When you buy a date & decide product, you receive a sample of the product too - this is your guarantee that you have the time to fall in love slowly, before embarking on a new life with your new product.

Through the month of October, you can go on a date with Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition; a special version of Rudolph Care's main product – the pure, organic acai oil. You’ll get to know a unique oil that stands out from the crowd with its extraordinary scent and color. The oil’s sensory elements come from its place of origin; the lush Amazon rainforest. The scent of trees, nuts, the forest floor and wild nature. The color is dark like the acai berries the oil is made from.

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If you just weren't meant to be, naturally you have 30 days to return the product - unopened and if the packaging is intact. Write an e-mail with your order number to

Acai Facial Oil


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