Date & Decide: Instantly Smoothing Serum

Through November, you can go on a date with Rudolph Care - or rather our classic serum, Instantly Smoothing Serum.

This means that when you buy Instantly Smoothing Serum, you also receive a sample so you can see, smell and feel the product before opening the actual product.

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What is date & decide?

We call it Date & Decide to give you the opportunity to feel, scent and see the product and find out if you have a new favorite product between your hands. When you buy a date & decide product, you receive a sample of the product too - this is your guarantee that you have the time to fall in love slowly, before embarking on a new life with your new product.

Through the month of November, you can go on a date with Instantly Smoothing Serum; a powerful, natural serum that harmonizes and smoothes the skin, embracing it with nourishing care. Instantly Smoothing Serum has a light, gel-like texture with a scent characterized by its natural ingredients mixed with Rudolph Care's signature fragrance. Apply after you've cleansed your skin and right before applying facial cream. The serum works as an active and protective 'undershirt' on your skin, preventing moisture and nourishment from leaving your skin. The serum is especially a good friend through winter, when your skin dries out easier.

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If you just weren't meant to be, naturally you have 30 days to return the product - unopened and if the packaging is intact. Write an e-mail with your order number to

Instantly Smoothing Serum