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Hello Sunshine Beach Bag

With your order of 70 EUR / 610 NOK at rudolphcare.com, we gift you with our brand-new Hello Sunshine Beach Bag (value 26 EUR). Made from recycled textile and designed by print and textile designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph.

The brightest days of the year are upon us, walking hand in hand with trips to the beach, weekends in vacation homes, sunny days in the garden and that good, long summer vacation. All perfect occasions for bringing your summer essentials with you in a big, spacious bag.

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Hello Sunshine Beach Bag

Get ready to befriend Hello Sunshine Beach Bag; created from 100% recycled textile, ensuring an environmentally friendly piece of fabric down to every thread.

The design is a creation by textile and print designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph who's also the mind behind the sun series packaging design, among other. With the Hello Sunshine Beach Bag she enriches the Rudolph Care universe with warm summer shades, leading your mind to a sunset over the blue sea on a hot summer evening.

The Hello Sunshine Beach Bag measures 55x52 cm with a medium long handle and approximately a mid-thigh length when carrying it on your shoulder. Wash at 30 degrees C and air dry to spare the fabric and the environment.

The campaign is valid from 11th June 2021, while stocks last, and is not combinable with discounts.

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DKK 495
200 ml

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