The Amazon

Giving back to the Amazon with Açai Facial Oil

The heart of Rudolph Care is the wild açai berry that grows in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. And right now, the berries are being harvested by the community of 150 families who we work with in the area.

It’s a partnership we treasure as much as we treasure the effective açai berry, which is why this fall, true to tradition, is all about giving back to what gives so much to us. UPDATE: The full amount has been donated to the projects in Nazarezinho do Meruú.

Giving back to the Amazon

This fall, 100.000 DKK from the sale of Açai Facial Oil Limited Edition will be donated in full to supporting sustainable initiatives in the tiny, isolated village, Nazarezinho do Meruú, where the locals who harvest the berries from the tall palm trees reside. This way, you help us return value to what’s dearest to us; the Amazon, the açai berry and the 150 local families who live and work there.

Since 2019, we’ve teamed up with the people of the village and the local aid organization Instituto Beraca and implemented and financed three projects with the purpose of enhancing quality of life and general health of kids and grownups in the area.

Açai Facial Oil

From 2019 till now