Glow and glitter - interview with Andrea & Isolde

Welcome Isolde (03) Limited Edition, a glittering new mid-summer guest – a limited edition lip gloss in the Rudolph Care’s Lips range which, like its siblings, combines intense nourishment and moisture with a discreet glitter effect. Isolde (03) is named after Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s 16-year-old daughter who convinced her that it was precisely this playful, golden tone the Lips range needed.

Here, mother and daughter talk about how they want to use the lip gloss and about always wanting to play and experiment.

From the start, you declared this glitter version of Lips as being a non-runner. Can you explain what it was that initially made you want to steer clear of it?

Andrea: "When we started to develop Lips, we did a great deal of testing. We dropped some of them, and others we decided to continue working on. There were many options in bronze or copper tones which might have worked well if we had launched these lip products in the 1970s and 80s, but then there was just this light, golden glittery tone that Isolde was crazy about. It is beautifully summery and looked just great on her lips, and she was very insistent that we should include it."

What is it you like about it, Isolde?

Isolde: "I think it’s great that it has no actual color, but just has some glitter. I also like the fact that it isn’t sticky as so many other glosses are and that it also nourishes the lips."

It then also grew on you a bit, Andrea. What was it that made you change your mind?

Andrea: "We have always been a brand that embraced multiple generations, and there is something really cool about that. That we have products that my grandmother, my mother and I myself, and even my daughter, want to use. These are not necessarily the same products, but that’s something I’m proud of.

Isolde also thinks that just using Rudolph Care is a bit boring. She wants to try all sorts of things, and she should do, of course. But it’s clear that with the knowledge I have I want to influence her in a direction where the choices she makes are choices that are also good for her health. On the other hand, I don’t believe in prohibition at all, and she has to be allowed to play and experiment for herself.

It also helped that Isolde was so convinced that it was one that all her friends would also like. So although I was doubtful in the beginning, I’m now very happy that it has been introduced in this midsummer limited edition collection."

How do each of you use it? And what do you think about the way you both use it?

Isolde: "I would probably use it every day when I go to school and maybe don’t have so much other makeup on, but then I’ll still have something on my lips that has a bit of shine."

Andrea: "If I’m just off to the flea market, I’d probably put on Josephine (04). But if I want something a bit more fun, I think Isolde (03) is perfect for adding that touch of gold glitter. I always look at other people’s faces a lot, and I love noticing a small detail – like something sparkly when the light falls across someone’s face."

What inspires you, Isolde, when it comes to makeup?

Isolde: "I think TikTok is a good place to find inspiration – I especially like following Kylie Jenner although it’s all a bit superficial. I actually don’t use very much makeup, but I think that young people my age use more makeup than my mother’s generation do."

Andrea: "No, when I was Isolde’s age, I used lots of makeup. I have some school pictures from the ninth grade where I’m wearing eyeliner and so much orange lipstick that my mother didn’t think it was OK. I probably just ignored her."

Has your relationship with makeup changed over the years?

Andrea: "Well, I don’t use as much as I did back in the ninth grade. I’m more concerned about my skin and having a glow. Where others may be interested in whether their hair or makeup looks good, I really find it difficult just to leave the house without having relatively well-cared-for skin."

What do each of you do to feel that your skin is ready for the world?

Andrea: "I love oils, Açai Facial Oil, of course, but also Facial Oil Delight which is slightly lighter and gives the skin a boost of suppleness. But I can’t go anywhere without wearing serum. I mostly use the Firming Perfector Serum, the one that contains two active hyaluronic acids and is regenerative on the skin thanks to its apple stem extract. It gives the skin such freshness. I’m really addicted to it. Claus [Andrea’s husband –ed.] also uses it and really thinks it makes a difference."

Isolde: "I cleanse my skin every day with Gentle Cleansing Foam which is good for removing impurities. Then I moisturize with Moisture Delight. If I have spots, I use Açai Body Balm – moisturizing them works much better than drying them out. It halts the break-out before it really gets started, and the nourishing ingredients in the balm mean that they heal quicker. You can feel that they are still there when you press on the skin, but they aren’t as clearly visible on the surface of the skin."

And what if you were off to a summer party?

Isolde: "If I’m going to a party, I might use Isolde (03) as a highlighter on my cheeks and on my eyes as eyeshadow. I also like to use a blueish eyeliner on my waterline to bring out the color of my eyes."

Andrea: "In the summer when my skin is golden, I love anything that makes the skin shine even more in the sunlight – such as both Isolde (03) and our Golden Kiss Body Oil. I think there’s something very luxurious about something that is slightly understated and emphasizes the glow of the skin. I also like to bring out my eyes, but after having been ill my eyelashes are sparse, so I don’t often use mascara now. Sometimes I use a brown-greenish eyeliner that matches the color of my eyes or use a bit of eyeshadow to outline the eye area softly. It looks less harsh than mascara. To finish off, I would apply a bit of warm reddish blush that gives the cheeks that extra glow and warmth. Or I might try dabbing some Isolde (03) on my cheekbones and eyes."