The Amazon

How Rudolph Care is the sustainable choice

Rudolph Care is sustainable everyday luxury in more than one sense. And that we always were. Because not only do our products carry both environment and organic certifications that care for the health of humans as well as nature – we actually act sustainability in everything we do.

Here you can read about our work with sustainability in the Amazon rainforest.

Rudolph Care & The Amazon

The heart of Rudolph Care is the tiny dark açai berry that we’ve received from the same place in the Amazon for more than a decade. This partnership has blessed us with the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of a wild piece of rainforest. The açai berries grow in the shade of the palm trees of the rainforest and preservation of the forest is therefore a very essential part of our açai trade.

In the Amazon we collaborate with 150 local families that facilitate the harvest through the fall (mainly in October). The açai berries are certified organic - and the locals that harvest the berries do the extra work it takes to meet the certification’s requirements that demand a certain way of handling the berries. We’re quite proud of contributing to this way of working. It simply takes a bigger effort to be a certified farmer than not to be.

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Rudolph Care x The Amazon