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New arrivals: A Hint of Summer Lotion & Mousse

It’s time to finally reveal two new Rudolph Care products in the self tanning series A Hint of Summer. Meet The Lotion and The Mousse, who now join our acclaimed self tanning drops; A Hint of Summer – The Classic.

Both developed to provide a beautiful and natural glow all over your body – and prolong and recreate that summer feeling year-round. The Lotion is a nourishing and moisturizing body lotion and self tanner in one product. The Mousse is an airy and moisturizing self tanner mousse you apply over your daily body lotion.

The Lotion

A Hint of Summer – The Lotion nourishes your skin with an abundance of active, natural ingredients, while a natural summer glow develops on your skin – without projecting the skin to the sharp and harmful rays from the sun. The glow comes to life when the peptides and amino acids in the outermost layer of your skin meet the natural DHA molecule. 

Sea buckthorn oil from the wild, Nordic berry enriches the skin with antioxidants from vitamin C, whereas oil from organic Danish pears nourishes and ensures the skin’s moisture balance. Açai oil provides rejuvenated energy with a boost of vitamins and minerals, while cucumber extract reduces irritation.

The Mousse

A Hint of Summer – The Mousse is an airy and moisturizing mousse with a self tanning effect, making it easy to build and maintain a golden summer glow. Besides infusing your skin color with the natural DHA molecule, the mousse pampers your skin with active, natural ingredients. Aloe vera sooths rejuvenates and ensures the skin’s balance of moisture, while hyaluronic acid adds suppleness and enhances the skin’s softness, elasticity, and evenness.

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