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New: Marie (05) lipgloss

The Lips by Rudolph Care series just grew a little bigger and gained a bit more color. Meet Marie, our new lipgloss that brings a fresh and glowing berry color and radiant gloss effect to your lips – along with an intense and long-lasting boost of nourishment, hydration, and care.

The founder of Rudolph Care, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, tells you all you need to know about Marie below.

Marie (05)

“Just like the other glosses in Lips by Rudolph Care, Marie leaves a gorgeous finish on your lips – ready to kiss spring,” says Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph who describes the Marie color as a mix of pink and red.

Marie is a bright, pink lip balm and lipgloss that combines intense nourishment and care with a moisturized and glossy look. Made to care for your lips with nourishing, natural ingredients like organic shea butter and honey that soften and prevent dry lips – and revitalizing oils from raspberries, pomegranate and açai berries that give the gloss the properties of a lip serum.

It reminds me of pink tulips and redcurrants. Playfulness and joy. It’s just the right spring color,” says Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph about the fresh tone that you can apply lightly for a transparent and rose look or layer up for a deeper color.

Just like the other variants of Lips by Rudolph Care, Marie is named after a woman close to Andrea. Her grandmother.

”My grandmother is 94 years and still going strong. She doesn’t use lipstick any longer, but when I was a kid, she would use a lightly transparent, cerise tinted lip stick that would give the lips vitality,” tells Andrea who finds a color resemblance in Marie.

Lips by Rudolph Care | Marie

The Lips by Rudolph Care differences

There are now four gorgeous glosses in the series Lips by Rudolph Care.

“Both Elisabeth and Josephine have a transparent effect that gives a healthy, clean and neat look without giving that intense ‘makeup feel’. Andrea and Marie are a bit bolder. With Andrea you get a warm, red-brown glow and with Marie you get a fresh, pink radiance.”

When Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph began developing Lips by Rudolph Care back in 2019, the ambition was to make a product with intense nourishment and care as its first priority. Besides, it should be a makeup product, but not the traditional kind. The color was not to overwhelm, but instead merge naturally with the one who wears it.

Lips by Rudolph Care is the first series of lipgloss in the world that combines the environment certification the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the organic label Ecocert Cosmos Organic. You can read about the double certification and our journey with the product development right here.

Lips by Rudolph Care is made from 100% natural ingredients where especially eight ingredients stand out. Raspberries, saltwort and honey are but some of the ingredients that make the glosses unique and intensely nourishing and caring. Meet them all here.