A print by textile designer Helene Blanche

This year’s new gift boxes, a hand-sewn toiletry bag, balm and lotion, a lovely Christmas stocking and the Soft Silhouette Bag have been beautifully wrapped in partnership with Danish textile designer Helene Blanche.

Helene Blanche studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and is creative director of Tapet Café, the interior design company that she runs with her husband, Jannik Martensen-Larsen.

Helene Blanche’s creative starting point is a long-standing fascination with craftsmanship, exquisite quality materials and visual storytelling that lives somewhere between past and present, the expressive and the underplayed, the perfect and the imperfect. Just as when ink blots bleed and form a line that is reminiscent of hand-sewn stitches.

I am extremely attracted by simplicity: a beautiful line, a brushstroke or a blot of ink. My job is to make a composition out of these movements to generate a pattern. Then finally I add the colors,” says Helene Blanche.

For the Rudolph Care Christmas print, we wanted an illustration that combined the core of the Rudolph Care universe with a poetical print story.

The illustration is a hand-painted pattern made of ink on silk, painted with a gentle rhythm to emphasise the soft and organic lines of the human body. The look is light and transparent – created from a color palette that balances delicate light pastels and deep navy tones that are inspired by the sparkling stars on the night sky at Christmas,” explains Helene Blanche.