The Amazon

Red Cross x Rudolph Care

Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition 30 ml has landed at Rudolph Care, and it is an important arrival.

You get twice the acai berry goodness and nourishing organic luxury, and we donate all revenue from the sale of the first 150 oils directly to Red Cross and to the organization's work with battling COVID-19 in Brazil.

Brazil is at the heart of our acai harvest. And right now it is one of the countries that is hardest hit by the corona virus pandemic - including the furthest reaches of the Amazon rainforest, where we collaborate with 150 local families who every October harvest the acai berry for our Danish production of your very own Acai Facial Oil. This is why we support the Red Cross, which maintains a needed presence in the affected areas.

When you purchase a bottle of Acai Facial Oil, you are supporting the Red Cross and their work with distributing emergency help, sanitation, rapid COVID-19 tests and in the creation of a national team trained in psychosocial support, risk and disaster management, and more.

Acai Facial Oil is pure organic acai oil. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It boosts the skin’s elasticity, moisture balance and gives you a natural and radiant glow. It smells like the rainforest and feels just as soft, lightweight and luxurious as all the goodness it brings to your skin.

While your Acai Facial Oil looks after you, you are in turn looking after Brazil.

I hope you will enjoy your Acai Facial Oil.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Founder of Rudolph Care

Acai Facial Oil

In 2019 we donated revenues from the sale of Aai Facial Oil Limited Edition for the construction of a plant nursery centre intended to create employment for the women and increase health within families. It is a strong project that is currently on hold, waiting for what we hope is a quick return to focusing on a sustainable future in the area.