Rudolph Care & B Corp

At Rudolph Care we want to highlight and explain more about the B Corp certification and the international community we have become part of with this certification.

On this page we'll explain what purchasing from a certified B Corp means to you, ensuring that you understand what this means (and does not mean) to people, the environment and nature.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global community of businesses which all want to make a difference in the green transition. Currently, 3,500 businesses across the world are B Corp-certified.

As an active B Corp member, we use our business to make a positive difference in the world. In order to become a certified B Corp, the entire business has to be assessed on different parameters (see specific areas in the next question below). Every three years, the business must be reassessed, which places an obligation on us continuously to develop and set our bar higher.

When you buy a product from a business that is B Corp-certified, you support a business that is not just working to increase revenue, but to use its influence and its funds to work actively for a more sustainable world.

How do you become B Corp-certified?

Through an assessment and verification process undertaken by the non-profit organization B Lab, every candidate business and its value chain are assessed on the basis of 150 questions in the five categories below

  • Governance, Workers, Communities, Environment, Customers

The average company that goes through a B Corp Impact Assessment will score 50 points while a business must score a minimum of 80 points, to become certified. On Rudolph Care’s first certification in 2021, we achieved an overall score of 88.9.

Every three years, the business goes through the process again to become re-certified. We have to be able to document an improvement in order to retain our certification. Rudolph Care has set itself the aim of reaching 100 points by 2024.

Find out more below about how our points were distributed in our first certification in 2021.

  1. Governance 15,7 point

    In this category, we earn points for our general obligations to environmental and social responsibility and for the fact that we implement environmental and social responsibility into our employee training. In addition, we earn points for our implementation of a Code of Ethics and for the transparent guidelines set for financial control.

  2. Workers 26 point 

    We would not exist without our skilled employees, and that’s why it is also important that we take care of them and ensure that they work under the best possible conditions.

    We earn our points in this category because we offer up to a full year of paid maternity leave and that we have a private health insurance to ensure the well-being of our employees. We listen to our employees' needs and wishes, by giving them the opportunity to develop in their job and offering the opportunity to change positions within Rudolph Care. Furthermore, our employees are offered the opportunity for different physical activities at our head office during their work week.

  3. Community 19 point

    We get the points in this category, among other things, because we have many women in leading positions. In addition, we receive points for spending most of our funds on Danish suppliers and for having implemented a Code of Conduct with all our suppliers. Our score in this category is also due to the fact that we make donations to various charitable causes every year.

  4. Environment 24,2 point

    In this category, we receive points for considering environmental aspects when developing our products and for our implemented measures for the recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and metal alongside measures for composting.

    Furthermore, we receive points in this category for not having any harmful toxins or hazardous waste in our supply chain and that our supply chain either creates none or only positive impact on biodiversity.

  5. Customers 3,9 point

    In this category, we earn points for monitoring the satisfaction of our customers and making sure that all data is processed in a responsible manner, whilst getting our products quality checked by a third party. We also earn points for the service we offer to our customers because we prioritize excellent communication– even when dealing with complaints.

What is Rudolph Care working to improve?

What is B Corp Beauty Coalition?

B Corp Beauty Coalition, “B Beauty”, is a community within the community. In 2022, Rudolph Care joined a coalition of over 30 like-minded B Corp businesses from across 4 different continents who all operate in the beauty industry and share a desire to make it more sustainable and reduce its environmental footprint.

We can do a great deal alone, but together we can act even more effectively on the green transition.

In a community of interests such as the B Corp Beauty Coalition, we can together become an influential voice. We can help each other and knowledge-share, develop packaging projects and stand together and set new standards for greener product distribution and transport.

Other businesses in the B Corp Beauty Coalition include The Body Shop, Davines and Skandinavisk. Find out more about the B Beauty Coalition here.

What do you get out of supporting a B Corp-certified business?

When you purchase a product from a B Corp-certified business, you help to invest in a more sustainable future. When you choose a B Corp-certified product, you support a business that does not only work to increase its revenue, but one that has also undertaken to look after the planet and act with care and insight.

We hope that B Corp and the B Corp Beauty Coalition become certifications that you will look for and prioritize when making your purchases. Together we will be able to create the positive, sustainable change that the world needs.