Signature Notes

Signature Notes - The origin

… from the perfumer in Grasse to your beauty shelf.

Do you know Signature Notes? The natural Rudolph Care fragrance that becomes your signature as it merges and melts together with your own personal, natural scent.

If you’re new to Signature Notes, you can befriend it from the core on this page. The beginning of Signature Notes took place in 2017 in the French city called Grasse, where the perfumer called Stephane composed every note of the fragrance.

The journey from Grasse

A perfumer is also known as a nose. If you ask the most talented noses where the home of fragrance is, they always say Grasse. The town in the hinterland of the South of France is the cradle of perfume. Some of the greatest fragrances of the world were created here.

This is also where Signature Notes was created. The nose responsible is called Stephane. The perfumer’s language is the notes of the fragrance, and he creates his work of volatile molecules in a composition of sensuousness, feeling and formulae.

Stephane has always had a particular penchant for natural fragrances, but he had never faced the challenge that Rudolph Care presented him with: to create a natural fragrance – without any of the 26 declarable fragrance allergens and with two certifications.

It was a long journey that required a great deal of commitment and contemplation before Stephane was satisfied. The perfumer from Grasse has composed an innovative work. Not just an irresistible fragrance, but a world sensation. Signature Notes.

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum

Huile de Parfum
& Eau de Parfum

The fragrance duo Huile de Parfum and Eau de Parfum is a graceful, subtle couple made for you.

The fragrance begins at the core of Rudolph Care and evolves into your personal signature as it touches your skin. Volatile notes of light, effervescent molecules open up the fragrance with fresh, green top notes. Soft, soothing and lightly powdered heart notes of cotton and iris lift the fragrance to finish on a deep, warm base with hints of vanilla.

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Signature Notes Eau de Parfum