Sustainability Report 2021

The Rudolph Care Sustainability Report of 2021 is the first of its kind. A review of what we’re good at - and where to improve.

Below, our founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph introduces you to the report and tells a bit about what you’re in for.

A positive difference for people and the environment

Rudolph Care was born in 2009 after I took part in a Greenpeace test that showed my pregnant body was filled with chemicals and many of them originated from beauty products.

The test became the beginning of a very personal beauty project, designed to give myself the products I could not find anywhere else: Effective, certified, organic and sustainable products. Manufactured, developed and produced locally in Denmark made from hand-picked ingredients from all over the world.

Our demanding certifications, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert COSMOS Organic, have always been and will continue to be the core of Rudolph Care. In 2009, we could call ourselves sustainable only by virtue of our certifications, but times are changing and our products, no matter how responsibly they are produced, leave a mark on the world. At Rudolph Care we acknowledge the demands this sets for how we act in society and that sustainability is not a goal with an end station, but a continuous process where we can always do more and become better.

What you are about to read and learn more about is the first sustainability report from Rudolph Care. We do not see it as a final format for our forthcoming reports, but as a publication that we can update and improve each year as our work on sustainability progresses. Our intention with the report is to arrive at a format that we are content with so our reports can be compared year after year and become a tool that helps us achieve our goals. The report is an opportunity for us to gather experience and reflect on what we really mean when we call ourselves sustainable - which is based on environmental impact, social conditions and economy. It is also an opportunity for us to assess our overall work and tell you about how Rudolph Care works with sustainability and about our ambitions for the future.

The positive sustainable development is fortunately happening today at all levels of society. That is why we also expect to upgrade our ambitions and our strategy further during the coming years.

My ambition since 2009, when we launched the first 8 products, has been to make a positive difference for people and the environment through our work. We are constantly learning from our surroundings and evolving. And we will continue to do so. With this report we also hope to be able to inspire others with our sustainability work - and start a dialogue about where we can improve.