The Rudolph Care Christmas

This year, Christmas is going to be something special – dazzlingly special.

We are again able to come together to celebrate the joy of Christmas and a love that grows the more we share it. Fortunately. Because we need each other – we need to talk, experience, laugh, feel joyful, hug each other.

Better Together

This year at Rudolph Care, we have named the Christmas spirit ‘Better Together’ and are asking: who brings you joy at Christmas? A loved one, a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbour, your dog? Nothing is too large or too small. It could also be your duvet, coffee machine, favorite Christmas film or a good book that makes you forget time and place.

So many things are better when we experience them together – and if you cannot think of who or what you are better with, you can always choose us. Find out more about where we take you with our Better Together Christmas, what it involves in terms of ideas, inspiration and gifts that are included in your purchase.

The gift from us to you

Christmas is about giving – and that is also true at

When you buy a minimum of one product (travelsizes excl.) here in the webshop, we include our well-known classic Hand Cream Travelsize with your order – in this year’s Christmas print by textile designer Helene Blanche. If you buy three products (travelsizes excl.), you receive the beautiful Soft Silhouette Bag (value 34€) which has been created in the same stunning design by Helene Blanche – featuring organic shapes inspired by the human body.

Hand Cream Travelsize x Helene Blanche is only available as a gift here on and cannot be purchased separately. Our gift campaign cannot be combined with other offers, does not apply to the purchase of travel sizes and applies only while stocks last.

Advent competition

Every Sunday in Advent, you have the chance to win our #RCbettertogether competition.

Share a photo of your Better Together Moment on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #RCbettertogether and @rudolphcare for a chance to win a selection of Rudolph Care goodies worth DKK 5,000 and the opportunity to give an Advent gift of DKK 5,000 to an organization from our list of charitable causes.

Read more about the competition and the prize here.

Christmas news

Christmas brings news – the good, soft kind wrapped in the beautiful Helene Blanche print. Swipe through the products below – many of them are exclusive to while stocks last.

Gift wrap

Gifts must be wrapped. That is why beautiful gift wrap is available right here.

Note that the following products don’t fit in our gift boxes: Beach Buddy Towel, Soft Silhouette Christmas Stocking, The Glowgetters, What Any Body Needs, Lip Balm Kit, The Bottle Rose & Blue and Sleepers.

The Ungklang Choir

On every Advent Sunday, we will be turning up the volume of Christmas singing and the sound of ringing bells when the talented girls of the Ungklang Choir leads a weekly Christmas sing-along that will give you goosebumps. You will find it on our Instagram account where you will also be able to feel the Better Together spirit throughout Christmas. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let the peace and joy of Christmas descend.

Better Together ideas

If you need inspiration, here are some ideas from the Rudolph Care team for product duos that are Better Together.

We look forward to celebrating love, friendship and togetherness over Christmas – with you. Because we are just better together, and we look forward to sharing the spirit of the season with you.