Delightful Spring

The scent of spring

Senses first, we throw ourselves into the divine embrace of birds singing, the very first rays of spring sun and the effervescent shades of light green that sprout in the fresh spring air.

To us, the scent of spring is exactly the scent we associate with Rudolph Care. Carefully developed and brought together in our main fragrance, Signature Notes. Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum – everything sparkly, fresh and green mixed with everything warm, sensual and graceful, perfectly balanced in a single scent. Just like spring.

On this page, we take you through the many corners of Signature Notes and explain how it will make you reminisce the very first signs of spring.

The scent of spring,
Rudolph Care - and you

We want to invite you to close your eyes and combine our scent of spring with your own perception of the crispiest spring scent. Scents activate our feelings and define how we feel the world. Breathe deep and see spring before your inner gaze – and let your memories feel the fragrance.

Signature Notes becomes your signature at the very first touch. Your natural scent combines with the subtle fragrance molecules to form a unique combination of you, Rudolph Care and springtime. Signature Notes embraces a delicate balance of vibrant, yet soft, warm notes, leaving a trail of alluring mystique. An understated, sensual fragrance fusing the classic with the untraditional, as it embraces the body’s landscape smoothly and organically to blend as one with it.

This is the scent of spring. An invitation to daydream and to see the world from a new perspective. A time and place for peace and calmness - and for unfolding your wings all at once.

A clean fragrance

Signature Notes is available in two variants: Eau de Parfum and Huile de Parfum. The fragrance is 100% natural and contains none of the 26 declarable fragrance allergens. It carries both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the organic certification COSMOS as the first-ever fragrance in the world – honoring the purity of springtime with its clean, simple beauty.

Signature Notes Eau de Parfum

Signature Notes Huile de Parfum