What do antioxidants do for my skin?

Let us explain why skincare with antioxidants is always a good idea – and why there are antioxidants in all Rudolph Care products.

At Rudolph Care we’re proud creators of an ingredients list beaming with antioxidants. Antioxidants work to defend your skin and protect it from breaking down.

Your skin is inevitably exposed to degradation – and it’s a fact of life you really can’t change. What you can do to protect your skin though is using products with a high level of antioxidants.

But what does skin degradation mean?

That your skin is degrading (or breaking down) means that it’s affected by its surroundings. Cold and warmth, oxygen, sun and the general atmosphere are all elements that interfere with your skin. Over time and through specific periods, degradation will become visible on your skin in the form of wrinkles, lines, redness, dryness etc., and that you can embrace with antioxidants.

The antioxidants in our skincare come from our many natural ingredients, though mainly from our acai oil. The acai berry is filled with vitamins and minerals, where many of those are antioxidants. Among other, vitamin C and E are strong antioxidants that you’ll find a high amount of in the acai berry. You’ll find acai in our entire rose product line – that is the entire face and body series.

Acai Facial Oil is the most concentrated one, consisting of pure, organic acai oil. On your skin acai oil feels silky soft and nourishing. And its fragrance is its origin, the Amazon rainforest.

Acai isn’t the only ingredient on our list that boasts antioxidants. Among other, especially our aloe vera, wheat germ oil, rapeseed oil and sea buckthorn oil have a naturally high level of antioxidants.

Below we’ve listed especially potent Rudolph Care products, rich in in the strong, revitalizing antioxidants. Go explore and find your favorite.