What's on your lips

What’s on your Lips?
A world of portraits

Welcome to Rudolph Care’s world of portraits that envelops you in a tiny cosmos of stories from countless different lips.

We all have a story to carry through life. One that defines our life. Chains of events, occasions and decisions that form us – and make us who we are. In our Lips portrait series, we’ll be talking to a spectrum of inspiring, creative and passionate people of all ages about the battle we’re all in to reconcile with expectations and conceptions – and to accept ourselves for who we are.

Interview med Nira Kehar

Nira Kehar, 40. Chef, cookbook author and creative concept developer. Lives in Copenhagen with her husband, composer and percussionist Mikkel Hess.

Nira was born in Montreal to Indian immigrant parents. When she completed her training to be a chef, she travelled to New Delhi to find out more about her family background. Author of the Ojas – Modern Recipes and Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Ayurveda coffee table cookbook. Follow Nira on @youarewhatyoufeast.

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