Winter Glow

Winter Glow

While we wait for the sun to return, shed light and turn up the heat, Rudolph Care invites you into the cold with all your senses.

The theme is Winter Glow. Together we’ll be chasing glow; he light in the dark within winter’s cold roughness and inside Rudolph Care’s nourishing, replenishing skincare.

On this page you’ll find all you need to know about Winter Glow. From exclusive campaigns to Andrea´s own guide to winter swimming – and the very best tips to get through the initial gloomy months of the new year.

A love letter to winter

Winter Glow is a declaration of love to the many elements of winter, the life affirming cold, the selfcare, the simple love of everyday luxury – and of you. It’s an open invitation to engage, to feel, see, read, listen and – nonetheless – ask away, when we shed light on what will make you and your skin glow from the inside out.

We are to swim in the ice-cold winter ocean and feel the blood rush through the body. We are to cleanse, exfoliate and let our body feel nourishing oils and extracts from top to toe. We are to massage the body, the muscles, and feel how it both brings new life, glow, calmness and bliss all at once. We are to move – and to sit completely still. Enjoy life, laugh and give body and soul the best baseline for a tremendous and radiant 2021.

The road to glow and good fortune is both shorter, warmer and funnier, when we walk it together. Underneath the open sky, in the ocean and inside the bathroom, awaiting brighter days.

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A Hint of Summer

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