Lips by Rudolph Care

Lips by Rudolph Care is a series of lipgloss that unites natural nourishment, care, softness and a shiny, glossy look. All certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic, the glosses carefully consider you and nature in a complete life cycle.

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Lips by Rudolph Care

The first three products in the series Lips by Rudolph Care are Andrea, Josephine and Elisabeth. Three soft notes of lip balm and gloss in one. A confident trio, that dares to lead and set new standards, with expertise in softness and 100% natural, nourishing care that leaves your lips with a shiny, glossy look.

Lips by Rudolph Care | Elisabeth

Lips by Rudolph Care | Andrea

Lips by Rudolph Care | Josephine

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Andrea, Josephine & Elisabeth

The start of something even better...

“Many are fond of the To the Rescue lip balm we already have in the Rudolph Care range. But we are all different – and both my mom, Elisabeth, and my good friend, Josephine, always fetched some other lip product out from their purses,” tells Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, who decided to make something even better.

The result is three intense lip care products that protect your lips with the effect from a lip serum, though as flashy as a luxurious gloss.

"Many lip sticks and glosses have a good effect right after applying it, but after a while they begin to dry out the lips. Lips by Rudolph Care is therefore not makeup in the traditional sense - but more like an intense care product with a bit of subtle tint."

Elisabeth is a neutral, transparent gloss. Josephine is enriched with a hint of rose tint that emphasizes your natural lip color. And Andrea brings a red-brown hue and a sparkling glow to your lips.

Creating a lip product with just a bit of color that 'performs', still meeting the requirements of the must-have-certifications, does not pass without challenges.


“Our two main certifications, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the organic certification, Ecocert Cosmos Organic, support each other well, though the more certifications we add, the harder the task – and the smaller the ingredient selection,” explains Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph.

According to the European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety, you may end up ingesting 4 lip products a year if using it daily, as you eat, drink or lick your lips. For that reason it became Andrea’s goal to make a natural and durable product with food-grade standard.

Lips by Rudolph Care is a unique combination of caring and nourishing ingredients, for example: shea butter rich in revitalizing unsaturated fatty acids, extract from saltwort that maintains the moisture level and vitamin F that plumps and balances the skin – and of course, the cornerstone of Rudolph Care, açai oil, boasting strengthening omega 6 & 9 and vitamin C and E.

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