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Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer Travelsize is a Final Call product. It's still perfectly capable of doing good for your skin, though it nears its expiration date, which is why we've reduced the price - without reducing the effect.

Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer Travelsize is a tightening and smoothing face cream designed especially for mature skin and anyone wanting to treat the emergence of fine lines.

This rich cream is a day and night cream that gives the skin a revitalizing energy boost of antioxidants to optimize the skin’s defenses and elasticity.

The expiration date on Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer Travelsize is November 2023, but the quality of the product is often just as good after that date. Continuously examine the consistency and the scent of the product - if it changes after the expiration date, you must discard it.

Normal price: 42 EUR / 360 NOK / 295 DKK

This Final Call product is not combinable with discounts and campaigns. Find all information about Final Call by Rudolph Care in our terms & conditions here.

20 ml

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Especially good for
Normal skin

How to use
Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer

1. Cleanse & mist

Use your preferred facial cleanser. Finish off with a toner/mist. We recommend our Hydrating Cleansing Milkand Açai Facial Mist.

2. Serum & oil

Pamper your skin with a serum. Instantly Smoothing Serum is ideal under Açai Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer as it also contains the active ingredient of acacia senegal gum.

3. Use your moisturizer

Apply a small amount of Açai Anti-ageing Moisturizer to the palm of your hand. Apply pressure to massage the cream into your skin. Perfect as a day and/or night cream.