Body Love

Body Love is a luxurious gift set featuring four loving body products. This gift set is a collection of Rudolph Care favorites for plenty of good, exclusive and, not least, sustainable body love. This box of love features our exfoliating body scrub, body soap, nourishing body lotion and hand cream for beautifully soft and supple skin.

The Body Love gift set is the ideal gift to yourself – the secret to clean, soft, revitalized and, of course, hydrated and fresh skin all winter. Or for pampering a loved one who deserves something special.

The box containing the four products carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and is made from 100% recycled materials. What’s more, the design was created by Andrea Rudolph’s talented sister, print- og tekstildesigner Cecilie Rudolph.

Get to know the products and the story behind the print design below.

The Body Love gift set is a limited edition, available only while stocks last, and may not be combined with other discounts.

Especially good for
All skin types

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Body Love contains

Acai Body Scrub

An exfoliating gel that gently sloughs off dead skin cells, stimulates cell renewal and provides nourishment.

Acai Body Lotion (100 ml)

A hydrating lotion that absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling silky soft all day.

Hand Cream Travelsize

Luxurious cream for soft hands. Hydrates and moisturizes hands in seconds without feeling greasy.

Hand & Body Soap

A creamy soft soap for the body that gently washes away bacteria and cleanses the skin without drying it out.

The Body Love

The Rudolph Care products you find in Body Love make up a nourishing, cleansing and nonetheless caring routine full of pure love for your body.

  1. Cleanse & exfoliate

    Start your Body Love routine in the shower. Cleanse the skin all over your body with Hand & Body Soap. Feel the soft foam and let the gentle notes of Rudolph Care’s signature scent, blending ripe peaches with white jasmine, envelop you. Shut off the water and let your body drip dry slightly, then massage the effective scrub into your skin with circular movements. The longer you drip dry, the more effective the scrub. Start with your feet and move up. Feel how the rounded apricot granules gently and softly scrub the skin while the rich oils from organic olive and rapeseed protect and strengthen it, leaving it feeling fresh and elastic. Rinse off and feel the delightful prickle as blood circulation increases in your skin, making it glow with vitality.

  2. Body lotion time

    When your body is clean, dry and ready for the final loving treatment, it is time to apply Acai Body Lotion. Warm a dollop of lotion between your palms, then massage it into the skin all over your body. Enjoy the moment and notice how soft and rejuvenated your skin feels after exfoliating with the body scrub. We think this is one of the best feelings in the world, and we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself.

  3. Finish with your hands

    Your hands work hard, and you wash them who knows how many times a day. Complete your Body Love routine with our delightful Hand Cream. Keep it in your bag, on your desk, in the kitchen drawer, on your nightstand or front and center on your bathroom shelf. Our Hand Cream cares for your hands, knuckles and cuticles with organic shea butter to restore the skin and fortifying oils from acai berries and sweet almonds.

The box design

At the heart of Rudolph Care is acai, a small, dark-purple berry that grows wild in the shade of the Amazon’s palm trees. When designing the box, Cecilie was inspired by Andrea’s experience of the lush Brazilian rain forest and the Amazon River that winds through the jungle’s understory, imbuing life and nutrients. The river sparkles in the rose-tinged light of the setting sun, reflecting the palm trees heavy with acai berries.

You'll also find Cecilie's stunning print on the gift set The Glow Keepers, Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition og Acai Body Balm Limited Edition.

Repurpose the box afterwards

Once the gift has been given, the box is empty and the products are in use, you can repurpose the beautiful and unique Rudolph Care box. It is designed and manufactured to be used as more than just a gift box. Use it for practical storage or decoration. Use it for trinkets, office supplies, holiday decorations or jewelry, or simply as a box for things you never want to lose. Or use it to wrap a different gift. The choice is yours – the possibilities are endless.