Face Gua Sha by Rudolph Care

Face Gua Sha by Rudolph Care is Rudolph Care’s interpretation of the traditional Chinese massage tool renowned for relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation to the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Face Gua Sha is a tool in your beauty arsenal that can work hand in hand with your everyday face products. Cleanse the skin, apply a facial oil and slowly and gently massage the product into the skin with your gua sha tool.

When you massage your face, you create balance in your skin. Your skin is provided with the optimum conditions for recovery and renewal, while the skin is infused with new energy and radiance as circulation increases.

There is a wide array of techniques for using your gua sha depending on the results you want for your skin. On this page, you can explore how to use your Face Gua Sha by Rudolph Care to relax, promote well-being and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Rose quartz is a natural material; this means that every gua sha is unique and you won’t find two that are 100% identical. Also find our Body Gua Sha here.

Relieves tension
Adds glow
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All skin types

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How to use
Face Gua Sha

Cleanse your face, neck and chest and apply facial oil or another oil-rich product.

Massage the face with deep, gentle strokes in upward and outward motions to follow the direction of the lymphatic system. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times. We recommend massaging with the curved side first – the small indentations in the stone reduce tension and are especially good for lifting and firming around the eyes, cheeks, temples, nose and lips, and between the eyebrows. Next, use the smooth side of your gua sha to ‘scrape’ the toxins away. The smooth side is especially good for massaging the forehead, neck, jawline, collarbones and around the hairline, where many people experience muscle tension.

At Rudolph Care we believe that your gua sha is an intuitive tool – so you should always view our recommendations as friendly guidance as to how you can use your gua sha. The most important thing is that you massage where it feels good and creates a sense of well-being for you.

Always drink plenty of water – and especially after massaging with your gua sha to assist the lymphatic system discard the toxins you release when massaging along the lymph pathway.

You can use your gua sha daily or when the opportunity arises during your day. Make it part of your morning and/or evening routine, or leave it on your night table so you can massage the face and create calm just before bedtime.

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