Signature Notes Limited Edition

Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care. An understated, subtle and effervescent fragrance that comes exclusively in a Limited Edition gift-package with Signature Notes Eau de Parfum (50 ml) and Huile de Parfum (8 ml).

The gift-package contains the perfect pair if you’re dreaming of a deeper, more intense fragrance experience. Layer your fragrance and begin by applying Signature Notes Huile de Parfum to your inner wrists, elbows, behind your knees - and behind each earlobe. Dab it softly on your pulse points. Finish with a generous spray of Signature Notes Eau de Parfum and experience the delicate balance of sparkling, soft and warm notes – a hint of a certain thing you desire to follow.

The fragrance itself is not new. It’s been part of Rudolph Care from the very beginning. Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care – and when it melts into your skin, it will become your signature.

Signature Notes Eau De Parfum is a 100% natural fragrance, created by pure molecular magic without any of the 26 fragrance allergens. It is an exclusive fragrance, reserved for the woman who wears it and the few who get close to her.

Signature Notes Limited Edition has a value of 104 EUR, is sold exclusively at and cannot be combined with discounts.

Easy, soft & vibrant fragrance
Especially good for
Anyone desiring a discreet & natural fragrance

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Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care. A fragrance to inspire daydreams and a new take on the world, it gives you space, and soothes and energizes you all in one. Signature Notes sets the scene for your day. Whether it calms or entices is all up to you. Because Signature Notes is all your own.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph