Signature Pouch by Rudolph Care x Vita Vass / L

  • Online Exclusive

Rudolph Care & Vita Vass have joined forces and brought new life to old favorites. Recycled excess fabric from discontinued rose tote bags now form a new Rudolph Care accessory; Signature Pouch / L. The rose tote bags of which the pouch is made are made from recycled textile, ensuring a sustainable piece of fabric down to every single thread.

This Signature Pouch / S measures 18x29,5x8cm; a big and spacious toiletry bag with room for all your darlings.

Every pouch is unique, which is also why the pattern and placement of Rudolph Care logos may vary from pouch to pouch. This means that your Pouch by Rudolph Care x Vita Vass is one of a kind.

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