Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 30

Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 Shimmer Edition is a protective, soothing and water resistant lotion that protects you effectively against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. A hint of natural gold shimmer has been added to make your skin radiate and enhance your glow.

100 ml

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More about Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition


The most important job for Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition is to ensure that your skin is protected against both UVA and UVB rays. While your skin is being protected, it is also being soothed and nourished by active ingredients, including sea buckthorn which is rich in strengthening and revitalizing antioxidants, soothing chamomile that calms the skin, and intensely moisturizing cucumber extract. The icing on the cake is the sun cream’s hint of golden shimmer which comes from the natural mineral mica that gives your skin a beautiful glow in the sun. Mica is a 100% biodegradable mineral - read more about it on our ingredient list here.


The sun cream smells faintly of the ingredients it contains as well as the natural signature fragrance that characterizes most of the Rudolph Care sun series – the smell of sun, beach and warm summer holidays.


A light lotion that is quick to absorb and easy to apply – without feeling greasy or sticky and without leaving a white residue.


Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification to ensure that the product does not contain ingredients that may negatively impact your health or the natural world. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is also your guarantee that coral reefs are not damaged when you swim in the sea. The product also carries the Vegan Trademark label. Find out more about our certifications here.

How to use Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition

  1. Apply sun cream

    Be generous when using sun cream. Apply plenty for best possible protection – a handful of lotion for your body 30 minutes before you head out into the sun.

  2. One more time

    We recommend that you apply two layers of sunscreen to your skin – one right after the other ­– to avoid missing a spot and to be sure you apply enough sun cream. Remember the exposed areas on your shoulders and back of your neck. Don’t forget your hands!

  3. Tip

    Protect your face with Sun Face Cream and exposed areas with Sun Stick. Always remember that protecting yourself once too often is better than once too little – especially when you have been swimming, when your sweat and/or dry yourself with a towel.

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition Q&A


We have now introduced you to Sun Body Lotion – and told you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is a summary:

Sun Body Lotion…

  • Effectively protects your skin against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays and gives your skin a beautiful glow with its natural shimmer.
  • Is a nourishing body lotion that treats your skin with active natural ingredients from sea buckthorn, chamomile and cucumber.
  • Does not contain the 26 fragrance allergens and is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel which sets out stringent chemical requirements for both content and packaging.

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