What Any Body Needs

The gift box, What Any Body Needs, is packed with Rudolph Care classics, all providing exactly what your body needs. Bring the soft Hand & Body Soap and Açai Body Scrub with you in the shower and feel the skin become soft, clean and revitalized. Care for your body with the nourishing Açai Body Lotion that penetrates the skin effectively – and bring Hand Cream with you on the go or leave it on your nightstand to pamper hands and feet before bedtime.

What Any Body Needs carries both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos organic – and the box itself is made from minimum 80% recycled material.

Find out more about every single product and the design of the box further down this page.

What Any Body Needs is available while stocks last and cannot be combined with discounts.

Value: 98 EUR / 890 NOK / 720 DKK

Adds glow
Adds moisture
Especially good for
All skin types

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The box design

The unique design, in which we’ve dressed the gift box, is a creation by textile designer Helene Blanche; characterized by organic formations, inspired by bodies.

The illustration is a hand-made pattern made with ink on silk and painted with an easy rhythm to highlight the body’s organic and soft lines. The expression is both light and transparent – created from a color palette that balances delicate, light pastels and deep ocean blue shades; inspired by the twinkling stars on a Christmassy midnight sky.” - Helene Blanche

Repurpose the box afterwards

Once the box is empty and the products are in use, you can repurpose the beautiful and unique Rudolph Care box. It is designed and manufactured to be used as more than just a gift box. Use it for practical storage or decoration. Use it for trinkets, office supplies, holiday decorations or jewelry, or simply as a box for things you never want to lose. Or use it to wrap a different gift. The choice is yours – the possibilities are endless.