Body Lotion & Oil

Açai Body Lotion & Body Oil is a Rudolph Care classic. An exclusive, nourishing and moisturizing everyday hero that fills your daily routine with luxurious wellness.

Açai Body Lotion Limited Editon

Açai Body Lotion 200 ml.

Açai Body Lotion 100 ml.

Body Oil

DKK 495
200 ml

Golden Kiss Body Oil

5 ways of using Açai Body Lotion

1. The body, naturally.

Of course, the body is what body lotion suits best. Açai Body Lotion is and will always be one of Andrea’s personal favorites. It was developed with her own need for a luxurious and fulfilling body lotion that could quench her skin’s insatiable thirst. With its high level of organic oils and shea butter it takes good and gorgeous care of the skin and makes sure to drench it in moisture without leaving it greasy.

2. Your hair ends

If your hair ends are a little dry you should try and spoil them with the moisturizing and rich ingredients from body lotion. The moisture brings together the hair ends and prevents frizz and dryness – and it can be of great help if you are to style your hair even further.

3. Extra love for exposed areas

Some spots on your body may need a bit more attention than others. It can be anything from rough elbows to dry shins, and on these exact spots Açai Body Lotion is a true expert. You can even supply the exposed spots throughout your day with the cute and convenient travelsize version of body lotion, our you can just apply an extra layer (one right after the other) after showering.

4. The feet

The feet that carry us around every day are unfortunately a corner of our body that is neglected way too often. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Açai Body Lotion is in fact perfect for your feet because of its ability to absorb instantly – some avoid applying creme to the feet because they feel they’re greasing up the floor or their socks, but that’s never a problem with Açai Body Lotion.

5. Your cuticles

While you have cream on your hands from pampering your body you should try and massage some of the excessive lotion into your hands – especially around your cuticles. Cuticles get flossy and irritated as they dry out, and that you can prevent in quite an easy and delightful way with Açai Body Lotion.

A tiny trick: If you want to top the feeling of luxury and the oil level you should try and mix Açai Body Lotion with Açai Body Oil. And if your skin, maybe especially on arms and legs, needs a bit of summer glow, you can mix it with our award-winning bestseller – the selftanner A Hint of Summer.