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"You know that special glow and freshness that the skin exudes after a long, lovely vacation? That’s how I feel after using Firming Therapy Moisturizer. A velvety cream that almost melts into the skin. My skin simply feels and looks more vibrant – and in combination with Firming Perfector Serum, my skin regains its fullness, vitality and radiance”

- Andrea Rudolph

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meet the power veggies

You can almost smell and taste the wonderful ingredients in our new Firming Perfector Serum and Firming Therapy Moisturizer. But what are these greens actually doing in your skincare?
Meet your new skincare therapists and learn a bit more about their nourishing and firming properties as they move from kitchen to bathroom. And from mealtime to skincare routine.

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green & powerful inside out

Date &

Through September, you can date a firming product. We call it Date & Decide to give you the opportunity to think, feel, scent and see the product and find out if you have a new favorite between your hands. This is your guarantee that you have the time to fall in love slowly, before embarking on a new life with your new product.

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I hold the green superpowers tight through the fall and what else life brings to the table. You’re so very welcome to let yourself inspire.

Andrea Rudolph, Founder & CEO of Rudolph Care

Green & powerful inside out

Recipes á la firming

The special thing about Firming Perfector Serum and Firming Therapy Moisturizer is the high content of ingredients that you might normally associate with vegetable-based cooking.

Once in a while, we come across someone who shares the Rudolph Care vision; that if we do things properly and from scratch, we will achieve a much better result. Marie Hertz is such a person - and with all of Birkemosegaard’s organic delights at her fingertips, she has created a handful of amazing recipes for you.

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