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Since 2009 for generations to come

Rudolph Care is a family of beauty products combining exclusive luxury with sustainability, responsibility and transparency. We go out of our way to ensure that effectiveness, consistency and aesthetics are in harmony and that our products are developed with as much consideration for the natural world as for your health.

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Be Beautiful, Do Good

Rudolph Care

Our founder

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

“I created Rudolph Care because I wanted it all. Luxurious products and certainty that I am not filling my body and nature with harmful chemicals and endocrine disruptors.”

Andrea’s story

andrea rudolph, founder & CEO:

"Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care. A fragrance to inspire daydreams and a new take on the world, it gives you space, and soothes and energizes you all in one. Signature Notes sets the scene for your day. Whether it calms or entices is all up to you. Because Signature Notes is all your own.”

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Instantly Smoothing Serum

Date &

Through November, you can go on a date with Instantly Smoothing Serum. We call it Date & Decide to give you the opportunity to feel, scent and see the product and find out if you have a new favorite between your hands. This is your guarantee that you have the time to fall in love slowly, before embarking on a new life with your new product.

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