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Giving back to the Amazon

Support with Açai Facial Oil Limited Edition

Rudolph Care dedicates this fall to giving back to what’s dearest to us - the Amazon in Brazil.

That’s why 100.000 DKK from the sale of Açai Facial Oil Limited Edition will be donated in full to supporting sustainable initiatives in the village, where the locals who harvest our açai berries reside.

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The açai berry

A tiny, strong wonder

Just like your body needs nutrition through a proper diet, your skin needs it through effective skincare. As a part of our ingredients list, açai contributes with a unique power we would never be without.

Learn about the açai berry, what it can do for your skin and fall in love with our selection of face and body products rich in effect from the tiny, powerful berry.

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The Rudolph Care Manifesto

Be Beautiful, Do Good

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