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Buy 3 sun products and receive The Bottle

The Bottle by Rudolph Care x AYAIDA will be yours with your next purchase of 3 sun products at

The Bottle is an everyday accessory that lets you drink water sustainably, while staying hydrated and taking good care of your body and skin from within. Also, we all know for a fact that sunscreen and plenty of water go hand in hand on sunny days.

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Delightful Spring

Much more than SPF

If you ask us, sun protection must be just as nourishing as the products you use when the sun isn’t shining. This is why you can shift out your daily care with our sun series in the summer months – and still get the care you need, while staying protected in the sun.

Rudolph Care’s sun protection is so much more than SPF – it’s unique synergies between organic, natural and nourishing ingredients that work effectively for the benefit of your skin.


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