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Rudolph Care Christmas

Twinkle, twinkle winter sky

Christmas at Rudolph Care is filled with everything that makes your cheeks glow and your lips smile.

Winter magic under the open sky. Cool air against the skin. The warmth that spreads through the body as its moves through the frost. The fairy tale winter weather calls for quiet contemplation, which we carry with us into the bathroom to care for our skin with tenderness and love.

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Sunday Edit:

Winter Poems by Kristine Hellesøe

This year's Christmas print is a collaboration between graphic and visual artist Kristine Hellesøe and Rudolph Care founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. It’s called Winter Poems and takes its cues from the ephemeral beauty and vulnerability of the Nordic winter.

On this page you’ll find all Kristine Hellesøes thoughts on the Winter Poem print, crafts and winter fascination.

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Since 2009 for generations to come

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