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Love for winter

And a soft winter gift for you

Winter Glow is a love letter for the winter season. The first months of the year we devote to glow, the elements of winter, the life affirming cold, selfcare, simple pleasures and nourishing everyday luxury.

Winter swimming is the first main focus. For that reason we’ll be gifting you with our exclusive Beach Buddy Towel with your purchase of 3 Winter Glow Favorites.

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Andrea’s guide to

Winter swimming

“Take it easy and go slow as you immerse yourself in the water. Deep breathing and steady movements. Some winter swimmers find that they gasp or that their breathing rate increases when they enter the cold water – this is perfectly normal. The main thing is to concentrate on deep and steady breathing. It may take a while to gain control of your breathing, but I promise that practice makes perfect.”

Let our founder, Andrea Rudolph, get you started on winter swimming with 5 easy steps.

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