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Winter Glow

Love for winter

And a soft winter gift for you

Winter Glow is a love letter for the chilly season. A place to get together in a winter mood and find glow and warmth while we wait for the sun and the light to return. Together we’ll cultivate everything that makes life at northern latitudes special; enjoying nature, pampering our skin with winter care.

True to tradition, winter swimming is a big part of Winter Glow – and for that reason we’ll be gifting you with our exclusive Beach Buddy Towel with your purchase of 3 Winter Glow Favorites.

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Become a winter swimmer

Three winter swimming tips

“You are a winter swimmer when you decide to be. Whether you start in early autumn, or when the winter is at its hardest, is not so important. I believe that you can start whenever you want,” says Rudolph Care founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph who herself masters the art of the winter swim.

It’s all about preparation, a good friend and deep breaths. Let us guide you to a beneficial and life-affirming winter swim experience.

Become a winter swimmer

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