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Online julebanko 2022

Kom med til Rudolph Cares årlige online julebanko d. 20/12-21 kl. 20. Du kan vinde bløde, kærlige præmier og få en hyggelig aften i selskab med os. Vi lægger en bankoplade i din ordre, når du shopper på – så længe lager haves.


Christmas at Rudolph Care

Christmas has found its way to and is filled with everything that makes your cheeks glow and your lips smile. Winter magic under the open sky. Cool air against the skin. The warmth that spreads through the body as it moves through the frost. The fairy tale winter weather calls for quiet contemplation, which we carry with us into the bathroom to care for our skin with tenderness and love.


Sunday Edit: The look of love

So closely tied, entangled in each other until you break free, become yourself and find your own path. How do mother and daughter understand each other when childhood is over and you are no longer one, but two?  Rudolph Care speaks with gender sociologist and owner of Mangfold, Cecilie Nørgaard, and her daughter, Nova Nørgaard, a student at The School of Design in Copenhagen, about what they see when they look at each other.  To mark the launch of our Firming Eye Mask, we focus on the eyes. On what they see when we look at those we care about. On getting older – what it brings and how it changes us — and on the things we pass on to the next generation.

The Amazon

Projects supported by Açai Facial Oil

At Rudolph Care, we want to give back to the people and places from where our ingredients originate. That is why we annually support the local community in Nazarezinho do Meruú, Brazil, where 150 families have for more than a decade harvested the small yet powerful açaí berry, the very heart of our products. We will also offer our assistance this year, too. Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about how your purchase of Açai Facial Oil 30 ml. helps.


Firming power veggies

You can almost smell and taste the wonderful ingredients in our firming series. But what are these greens actually doing in your skincare?  Meet your skincare therapists and learn a bit more about their nourishing and firming properties.

Rudolph Care


Rudolph Care's Firming series consists of Firming Therapy Moisturizer, Firming Perfector Serum and Firming Eye Mask; three green products that work together to give your skin a loving lift, plenty of moisture and nourishing, active care. Get to know them all here.


Much more than SPF

If you ask us, sun protection must be just as nourishing as the products you use when the sun isn’t shining. This is why you can shift out your daily care with our sun series in the summer months – and still get the care you need, while staying protected in the sun. Read more here.

What's on your lips

New: Marie (05) lipgloss

The Lips by Rudolph Care series just grew a little bigger and gained a bit more color. Meet Marie, our new lipgloss that brings a fresh and glowing berry color and radiant gloss effect to your lips – along with an intense and long-lasting boost of nourishment, hydration, and care. The founder of Rudolph Care, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, tells you all you need to know about Marie right here.

Lips by Rudolph Care

A little big world sensation

Lips by Rudolph Care is the first series of lipgloss to ever unite the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Ecocert Cosmos Organic. This is huge – and we’re so proud. Proud that we succeeded in creating a lipgloss that combines the until now uncombinable; 100% natural nourishment, care and softness, a shiny, glossy look and two certifications that consider the health of you, nature and the environment in a complete life cycle. Read about the certifications here.


Rudolph Care & B Corp

At Rudolph Care we want to highlight and explain more about the B Corp certification and the international community we have become part of with this certification. On this page we'll explain what purchasing from a certified B Corp means to you, ensuring that you understand what this means (and does not mean) to people, the environment and nature.


Rudolph Care & Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen to collect waste

Many people are supporting the Waste Collection Campaign (Affaldsindsamlingen) which will be taking place from 28 March to 3 April. This year, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has had a record 220,000 people sign up for the campaign. At Rudolph Care, we are also donning our garden gloves again this year and dedicating a working day to collecting waste – this year in the company of Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen. Read more & join.


Sunday Edit: How to whip matcha

Mette Marie Kjær, owner of Sing Tehus, decided 6 years ago that it was time to live out a dream of living in the country. She googled ‘rent a house in the country’ and stumbled upon Gjorslev Manor near Stevns – built in 1396 by Bishop of Roskilde Peder Jensen Lodehat. Here she has moved into the south wing with her boyfriend, three cats and a creative mix of antiques, Japanese minimalism, and a lot of color, ceramics and art. Sunday Edit went for a tea ceremony at the manor to learn how to whip up a foaming, creamy matcha.

Winter Glow

Rest and winter balance

The cold months are nature’s break, a cyclical breathing space, where it recharges for the great effort that creating life is. Sprouting, shooting and flowering again. On this page, we will be talking about small routines, rituals and good habits that in the final stage of Winter Glow can help you to reconnect to yourself and the world – small actions created to ease your winter blues. Because doing things you enjoy is good for revitalizing your glow and for feeling happy.


Sunday Edit: International Women's Day

The women's movement isn't just a fight for equality between genders; it's a fight for equal opportunities for all. On the occasion of International Women's day on March 8th, Sunday Edit has asked film director Janne Giese, with a history in the Danish Red Stocking Movement, political chief consultant in LGBT+ Denmark Andreas Nielsen, and journalist Gisella Francisca about their take on the day. 

Winter Glow

Three tips for your winter swim

“You are a winter swimmer when you decide to be. Whether you start in early autumn, or when the winter is at its hardest, is not so important. I believe that you can start whenever you want,” says Rudolph Care founder Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph who herself masters the art of the winter swim. Right here we guide you to ensure a beneficial and life-affirming winter swim experience.

Winter Glow

The difference between our oils

What’s the difference between Facial Oil Delight and Acai Facial Oil? And what about Body Oil, Acai Body Balm and Golden Kiss Body Oil - and what do they have in common? Take on a journey through Rudolph Care’s oils – one for one, so you know which ones are right for you. 

The Amazon

Açai – a small, strong wonder

Right in the heart of Rudolph Care is the acai berry. A dark durple berry that resembles the more common blueberry. You find them growing wildly in the shade of the Amazon palm trees, from where they’re harvested year after yar by the 150 local families we collaborate with in the area. But what does acai do for your skin?

Delightful Spring

The scent of spring

Signature Notes is the scent of spring, Rudolph Care - and of you. We want to invite you to close your eyes and combine our scent of spring with your own perception of the crispiest spring scent. Scents activate our feelings and define how we feel the world. Breathe deep and see spring before your inner gaze – and let your memories feel the fragrance.

Hello Sunshine

Four application tips

When in the sun, you should treat your skin as if it were a child’s – no matter how old you are. Take care and apply sun protection with love to achieve the best possible effect. Inside and out. Right here we serve you our four best application tips for your summer.

Winter Glow

Q&A: Rudolph Care Oils

Which oil suits my skin – and why are oils so good? What happens in my skin, and how much oil is actually enough? Our Rudolph Care skincare expert, Camilla Schjelderup, answers your questions right here.

The Amazon

How Rudolph Care is the sustainable choice

Rudolph Care is sustainable everyday luxury in more than one sense. And that we always were. Because not only do our products carry both environment and organic certifications that care for the health of humans as well as nature – we actually act sustainability in everything we do. Read about our work with sustainability in the Amazon rainforest here.