Body Soap & Scrub

Shower Power and Açai Body Scrub is natural, simple and certified everyday luxury.

Shower Power Body Soap

DKK 145
250 ml

Hand & Body Soap

DKK 85
50 ml

Açai Body Scrub

DKK 325
200 ml

Much more than just body soap

Shower Power and Hand & Body Soap put your senses to work in just the right way.

When you dose the body soap between the palms of your hands and lather it up, a delicate scent will take over your bathroom. Some will say it's the natural Rudolph Care signature fragrance, others will say it's the smell of me-time and a short break from everything.

The soft, airily light foam is for your entire body, where it will cleanse your skin, nourish it and protect it from drying out.

Hand & Body Soap is your new best travel & festival friend. Ideal for when soap is out of reach and for when the suit case doesn't allow much room.