Keep On Rolling Deodorant is a tiny everyday hero that lets your skin breathe and provides a fresh feeling throughout your entire day.

Keep On Rolling Deo

DKK 195
50 ml

Open Arms

DKK 295

Keep On Rolling Deodorant,
the tiny, natural everyday hero

There are many compliments in line for the Rudolph Care classic, Keep On Rolling Deodorant...

Lets your skin breathe

With Keep on Rolling Deodorant you can let your skin breathe while protecting it from odor. When you sweat, it’s your body’s way of excreting toxins – and Keep on Rolling Deodorant lets it do that all naturally while the natural crystal, potassium alum, encapsulates the odor.

Tender care for exposed skin

Your armpits’ skin is often challenged as you shave or expose it to friction. For that reason we've filled the deodorant with caring, natural ingredients that will do your skin good. Aloe vera and chamomile are among those ingredients and they’re especially good because of their cooling and calming effect.

Natural, familiar fragrance

Keep on Rolling Deodorant carries the classic, natural Rudolph Care signature fragrance that will enrich you everyday routine with a dash of luxury.