Hand Cream & Hand Soap

Care for and protect your hands with hand care – in a size that fits your need.

Hand Cream 200 ml.

Hand Cream 100 ml.

Hand Cream

Silky Soap

Exfoliating Soap

Avoid dry hands

Enrich your hands with Hand Cream, and give them nourishment and firmness every time you wash them. This gives your hands the opportunity to replenish some of the moisture that is naturally lost when you wash them with soap and hot water.

Tip from Andrea Rudolph:

"With Hand Cream on your bedside table, your hands can luxuriate in all its nourishing ingredients all night long. Also try the cream as a softening moisture treatment for your feet – they will love it! Apply a small amount of hand cream to your hands and feet before bedtime - and do it twice. This provides more intensive, long-lasting care."