Eye Cream

Meet our two delicate, active, nourishing and fragrance-free eye products Açai Eye Cream and Firming Eye Mask.

Firming Eye Mask

DKK 595
20 ml

Açai Eye Cream

DKK 395
15 ml
Rudolph Care

The Firming Trio - step by step

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Why use eye cream?

“The main reason for using eye cream is no doubt to accommodate the fine and delicate eye area. The skin around your eyes is quite exposed – both because the skin is thinner and more vulnerable, but also because it’s affected by our facial expressions. A good, nourishing and caring eye cream is therefore something I’d always recommend – and we naturally recommend our Açai Eye Cream or Firming Eye Mask.

When in life should I consider eye cream?

“As a rule of thumb it’s said that eye cream is a good idea after the age of 25. With age the skin produces less and less collagen and elastin which makes your skin’s smoothness decline through the years. So, if you wish to maintain the feeling of firm and flexible skin, you can start helping it out a bit by inviting eye cream into your routine.”

What's special about Açai Eye Cream?

"Açai Eye Crem has a bit of everything; the rich moisture, the calming effect and the active ingredients. And then it’s free from perfume in order to work as gently as possible on the delicate skin around your eyes. Organic oils from among other olive, jojoba and nonetheless açai make sure to maintain the moisture in your skin. The calming effect comes from organic chamomile that naturally destresses the skin. And the active and harmonizing properties come from seaweed extract, among other."

What's special about Firming Eye Mask?

"Firming Eye Mask is a hydrating, nourishing, refreshing and suppling leave-on treatment. It's filled with ultra moisturizing and revitalizing, active ingredients; hyaluronic acid and powerful kale protein, among other. The mask delivers natural plumpness and a fresh lift to the delicate eye area; your smile lines get to stay, while dryness lines are complemented with well-nourished skin full of life. We recommend using the eye mask in your evening routine to give it time to work with your skin through the night."

When in my skin care routine should I use eye cream?

”When you’ve rinsed your face in the morning and/or in the evening. After cleansing, you can use a serum or facial oil followed by a facial cream for the entire face – except the eye area. In the end you can gently dab Açai Eye Cream or Firming Eye Mask onto the eye area as the very last step in my skincare routine - if you're using Firming Eye Mask, our experience tells us that you get the best result when leaving the mask on overnight. Açai Eye Cream though is the ideal daytime eye care.”

What's the difference between Firming Eye Mask and Açai Eye Cream?

"Açai Eye Cream has a light and creamy texture ideal for everyday use - morning and evening. Firming Eye Mask delivers deep nourishment, moisture and suppling care and is a 'treatment' for the eye area - therefore the name 'eye mask'. We recommend using it 3 times a week or as needed. You can use it morning and night, but we recommend pampering your skin at night so you have a whole night to absorb the intense nourishment from the eye mask."

What's your best eye cream tip?

”With eye cream you can actually think a bit outside of the box, as you can use it on any spot in your face that craves more suppleness. You can use eye cream on the fine lines that appear around your lips – and not to mention on the infamous worry line between the eye brows. A little reminder though: eye cream can never make up for the glow and life your skin gets from taking good care of yourself. A healthy diet and plenty of sleep are such significant components when wanting beautiful skin, and not even the world’s best eye cream and compensate for lack thereof.”